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ME Time Meditations with Dr Nadine.

ME Time Meditations allow you to unplug, restore your well-being and have a bit of time for yourself during your day. This is a walking around Meditation with eyes open. We voice gratitude for 3 Things, 3 People, 3 Events, 3 Animals. We then create a weave of Thankful, Appreciation, Gratitude and Love. Enjoy for yourself and share with others.

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Did you know you can have a 30 minute Meditation Created Just for YOU??? Experience the power and empowerment of hearing Your Name woven into the tapestry of the Meditation.

Embracing your Best Self.
~ Dr Nadine

P.s. Contact Dr Nadine if you would like a 30 minute Meditation Created Just for You! Other Meditations are available in the Magnificence Mine store

Ladies, Sisters of my Soul: Tired of feeling out-of control and exhausted every month, or maybe you’ve given up on feeling beautiful and desirable as a consequence of aging.

Join me for a nurturing workshop held in CASPER WY, for all women who desire to step into balance and feel proud of their femininity. Leave feeling Refreshed, Balanced and Empowered within Your Creativity, Sexuality and Sensuality. Room for 11. LEARN MORE Register by October 18 with code ISAIDYES and receive 12% discount. REGISTER HERE

Animals experience emotional pain and loneliness with the death of their human or another in their ‘pack’ However Animals also shift very fast when they are given the opportunity to do so. Join Dr Nadine and learn how to assist your baby to make separations from trauma, shock, drama etc. Learn how to help them Restore Well-being and bring their Energy field to one of Balance, Joy and Freedom. Please bring a photo of your baby and your questions.

Lecture 11 am in Room 1

I was turned on to Dimash when he was competing in the China “Sing’ I know I have the title incorrect. China has totally different ‘rules’ than the USA or Brittan Got Talent. In China 90 percent of the vote comes from the audience. The remaining 10% of the vote was from your fellow competitors.

Dimash just blew me away this is 6 octave range. Well, one note shy of 6 octaves. But WOW… SIX OCTAVES. I love the passion he puts into every song and how he chooses songs that mean something. If you like, look him up and follow the translations. Enjoy this song called S.O.S. (question, how do I just get one line to be this color)

THANKS for reading this post. Please leave a comment. This new structure is very very different. Let me know how I did. ~Nadine

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