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Feed your Soul…  Fuel your LIFE...

SOUL Food Deck One
ISBN: 978-1-64008-400-1
UPC: 7-2186746455-1
$24.95+ s/h

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                                                                         COVR Award for Inspirational Product   Nadine signing a deck of SOUL Food

2017 Peoples Choice – Inspirational Product – COVR Award WINNER. The 66 cards are delightful morsels of SOUL Food to Nourish and Nurture you Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. Each SOUL Food card is designed to Inspire, Uplift, and Motivate you so you stay FOCUSED on your Goal. When you select a card, you have an opportunity to STOP, Take a Breath, Realign with your Inner Truth and step Forward with Clarity, Certainty, and Balance.

The reverse side of each card contains an action step supporting the inspirational thought or statement from the front of the card. Each day when you awaken, or anytime you need guidance or inspiration, shuffle the deck and pull one card to focus on for that day. With each new card, you may be Challenged to Grow, Inspired to Achieve Excellence, or Motivated to reach a New Goal.

The cards measure 3 x 6 to fit nicely in your hand. They have a layer of laminate on the card front with a UV coating on the back.

    Gal holding a spread of the SOUL Food cardsSOUL Food on a shelf in a storesmiling woman holding water and pointing to a SOUL Food water card

SOUL Food is Available: in my STORE;
Fort Collins at Northern Lights Bookstore; Loveland at Heart of the Earth Bookstore; Denver at For Heavens Sake Bookstore and at Works of Heart store;  We look forward to when we will have the app available again in iTunes.  We celebrate the fact it has been downloaded in 23+ countries.

The cards are filled with wisdom and knowledge that allow you to create Balance, take Ownership of self, take Responsibility for self, and provide opportunities to LOVE your Self. Each day when you awaken, or anytime you need guidance or inspiration, shuffle the deck and pull one card to focus on for that day. With each new card, you may be Challenged to Grow, Inspired to Achieve Excellence or Motivated to reach a New Goal.

beautiful spread showing a variety of the SOUL Food cards

for the SOUL
$24.95 +s/h


Angel statue looking over a deck of SOUL FoodWays the deck of SOUL Food cards can be used:

* Pick a card a day, a week, an hour
* Pick a card to start a conversation
* Pick a card when you are ready for a SHIFT
* Pick a card when you are ready for a CHALLENGE
* Pick a card when you need SUPPORT

another large spread showin the variety of SOUL Food cardsNote from Nadine: The deck was Joyfully created with lots of Permission for you to Explore new options that will open doors and Allow Harmony into your life.

With these SOUL Food cards you can:
– Take your “SOUL Food” anywhere, so you Receive the exact message you need in that moment
– Experience 60 cards that touch the Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual bodies
– PLUS 6 Challenge Assignments cards

Here are more examples of the cards within the deck.

the very first opened case of SOUL FoodAttention on Intention card front an back good bye toxins as fat card front and back eat Protein card front and back whatever it takes card front and back water is my freind card front and back

About the Author:
After surviving cervical cancer in 2004, Dr. Nadine became seriously committed to creating a healthy life. During this process, she not only lost 74 pounds but also became an ambassador to the community by serving as a Naturopath and Holistic Nutrition Specialist. As a result of this journey, she created these cards to inspire others to achieve optimal health, balance, and well-being.

Dr. Nadine brings over 36 years of experience in the Health and Fitness Industry and teaches her clients the art of building and maintaining lean muscle tissue as they drop body fat in a unique program designed for them. Nadine was a nationally qualified Natural Bodybuilder, competing fover 26 years, and a coach for all levels and genre of people.

The visual design of the cards was created by versatile graphic designer Amy Johnston of ANJO Designs.

Nadine would like to thank EVERYONE who contributed to making this dream come true. Your edits, feedback and LOVE have allowed this project to come to fruition. From the bottom of my heart, a Huge THANK YOU !!!! ~ Nadine

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