The ANIMAL Channel 

Monthly webinars. Join in from the comfort of your home.  This is a monthly subscription. All webinars recorded.   Open to anyone who would like to learn more about working with your own beloved family members with scales, feathers, or fur and the Well-Being of the Animal Kingdoms and Queendoms.

Each month we join for an ‘information/working’ session.  With enough interest, we will add in a monthly Q&A session.  SUBSCRIBE HERE Follow #drnadine111 on Tik Tok for Healing tips for Animals and Humans

DANCES, Rituals and more
November 12 @ 11:15 am Pacific (GMT/UTC-8 hours) 

Welcome to the joyous season of Rituals and Mating Dances across the spectrum. Learn about tribes that imitate the animals and more




Essential ENERGY TOOLS Workshop

This three-session workshop is informative, engaging, and interactive.  Participants receive Energy Tools for immediate use!. The Tools are practical and simple.  They can be used daily to quiet the noise and drama and keep you from being affected by irritating people and situations. Sessions 2 & 3 are working sessions where participants use the ROSE Tool taught in session one to make Separations from people, events, sticky situations; to determine whether something is a Truth or Lie for you; to Clear Energy out of your space around specific emotions or time frames; and more.  The more you clear out, the more room you have to create a HAPPIER life in balance, ease, and well-being.  REGISTER      MEMBERS AREA

The Workshop allows you to enjoy an experiential TASTE and FEEL of the deeper Tools offered in other work with Dr Nadine.

Restore my SOUL – Nourishing Your Womb Space

A nurturing workshop for all women who desire to step into balance and feel proud of their femininity. You will leave feeling Refreshed, Balanced and Empowered within Your Creativity, Sexuality and Sensuality. This workshop open to 11 women.  NEW DATES COMING 27th   10 am – 5 pm. Use code ISAIDYES by October 18 for a 12% discount Class Details click here. To REGISTER click here.


All Cellular Renewal

This 8 month webinar series restores your health, raises your vitality, and embodies well-being.  It is a complete cellular restructuring and realignment of your hormones, glands, and organs.  Your outcomes to thrive in your own world include the ability to gracefully operate under stress; embrace inner contentment and a feeling of safety; weight loss and better weight management; daily – living in a state of positive expectation; a genuine sense of your own power and victory over that nagging self doubt and never being good enough.  Attend this webinar series from the comfort of your own home.  Class Details click here.  To REGISTER click here.  See the Calendar for all the class dates click here.

Whispers on Wings… a series


The Archangels are Here!   And, they really really really want You to get to know Them and for Them to get to know YOU.   You see, you are special because you have a body.  The Whispers on Wings series will Allow you to re-establish and strengthen your relationship with these Amazing Beings of LIGHT, and if you so desire, to Ask Them For Assistance with Healing your body and within your Creationsread more→  and REGISTRATION



#HabitHack – Transform a Habit

Experience a New You ~ Goals for the #HabitHack – Transform a Habit course include becoming aware of one of your habits, then shifting from unconscious repetition to conscious choice with a new behavior or action.  Learn to Observe current behavior or choices surrounding a habit; Choose a different response to the old behavior, and then Engage your new responses  read more →   and REGISTRATION

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