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the Transformative Power of Animal Healing

In this two-part working webinar, you are an active participant as you learn and apply key game changers for your beloved Animal companion. These game changers allow your Animal Companions to feel heard, operate in harmony, and embrace the freedom to be absolutely at ease, no matter where they are, who they’re with, or the circumstance or situation. These keys are game changers in both your lives. Register once to attend both. Offered on a Donation basis for knowledge gained.
** P1: Learn how to Ground your Animals, establish Boundaries lines (bubble), and do a mini-healing
** P2: Expand on the power of these concepts in multiple arenas; experience another mini-healing
Each webinar is LIVE. A replay is provided to those who choose to attend.
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SEPTEMBER Upcoming dates (Registration closes when part 1 begins)
Tues 12 & 19 Sept @ 12 pm PT; 1 pm MTN; 2 pm CT; 3 pm ET Registration is closed
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Wed 20 & 27 Sept @ 10 am PT; 11 am MTN; 12 pm CT; 1 pm ET  Register here

3 steps to BREAK Free webinar

Is your Soul raw from trying so hard? Are you Exhausted? Feeling Powerless? Want to feel at EASE? Focused? and Empowered? Join me in one of the webinars. Let’s shift together.
2023 Upcoming dates (Links provided the week before)
Wed 13 Sept @ 3 pm PT; 4 pm MTN; 5 pm CT; 6 pm ET Registration is closed 
Tues 26 Sept @ 12 pm PT; 1 pm MTN; 2 pm CT; 3 pm Register here

Each webinar is LIVE and recorded (provided to those who choose to attend)
Interested in participating in a LIVE Meditation Sunday? Visit here for more information

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how do you TAKE CHARGE of you?
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In this engaging webinar, you will learn the benefits of Being Grounded; know where your Energy Field begins and ends; understand how to keep your Energy INSIDE your bubble; learn the benefits of collecting up and removing any Energy that does not feel good. And so much more. You will walk away with a proven path that allows you to experience immediate life-changing shifts in your day, body, and life.
2023 – Upcoming dates (Links provided the week before)
Wed, 16 August @ 530pm PT; 630pm MTN; 730pm CT; 830pm ET

Each webinar is LIVE. A replay is provided to those who choose to attend

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The ANIMAL Channel 

Monthly webinars. Join in from the comfort of your home. This is a monthly subscription. All webinars are recorded. Open to anyone who would like to learn more about working with your own beloved family members with scales, feathers, or fur and the Well-Being of the Animal Kingdoms and Queendoms.

Each month we join for an ‘information/working’ session. With enough interest, we will add in a monthly Q&A session.  SUBSCRIBE HERE Follow #drnadine111 on TikTok for Healing tips for Animals and Humans

Preparing for WINTER
Oct 14 @ 12:15 pm Mountain

Some of us hunt, some store goodies, some hibernate, and some of us goof off. Some of us follow ‘rules’ while others do not. Join us as we share our secrets and silliness with you.

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Essential ENERGY Tools… a workshop

 Essential ENERGY Tools is a three-session workshop where each session builds on the previous one. These sessions are informative, engaging, and life-changing. You will receive 4-6 practical and simple Tools for immediate use! Can be used daily to quiet the noise and drama and keep you from being affected by irritating people and situations. You use the Tools to clear out Energy that no longer serves you. The more you clear out, the more room you have to create a HAPPIER life in balance, ease, and well-being.

Essential ENERGY TOOLS has a private members area that contains all of your recordings, handouts, homework, and more. This workshop contains over 8 hours of amazing work.

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Whispers on Wings… a series


The Archangels are Here! And, they really really really want You to get to know Them and for Them to get to know YOU. You see, you are special because you have a body. The Whispers on Wings series will Allow you to re-establish and strengthen your relationship with these Amazing Beings of LIGHT, and if you so desire, to Ask Them For Assistance with Healing your body and within your Creationsread more→



#HabitHack – Transform a Habit

Experience a New You ~ Goals for the #HabitHack – Transform a Habit course include becoming aware of one of your habits, then shifting from unconscious repetition to conscious choice with a new behavior or action. Learn to Observe current behavior or choices surrounding a habit; Choose a different response to the old behavior, and then Engage your new responses  read more →


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