MagMine Crew

Meet the Magnificence Mine Crew!

Get to know the skilled, highly trained, and compassionate members of the crew at Magnificence Mine. They are dedicated to helping you and your Animal Companions achieve optimal health, being well, vibrating at well-being, and may include snuggles when you meet them in person.

Sweekar stretching in the sun

Meet Sweekar Koyal (Harmonious Melody)

Sweekar chose to come live with Dr Nadine in 2008. She was rescued from a home with 23 adult cats and not enough food. She had her first litter at 9 months old and cried for years about losing her babies.

Sweekar loves to greet you at the door and will chat with you and let you know there needs to be more food. (not)! During play time she loves to toss her little baby between the stairs, find it, then sit on it. Sweekar participates in Healing sessions that balance Feminine Energy and loves working with the colors Pink and Lavender.

At the end of all Holistic HEALING sessions and Energy work, Sweekar runs around the room to clear any residual Energy.

Sweekar in a basket

Sweekar enjoys visiting the nursery in the Animal Kingdom. She says THIS is where she wants to go when she chooses to make her transition. Her job is to raise the babies.

Meet Lil Bear

Lil Bear arrived at Magnificence Mine in 2010. Dr Nadine had looked at rescues and went to meet “Tony’. When she arrived at the Cat Rescue, she was greeted by this HUGE VOICE that said, PICK ME. When she opened the kennel, this amazing boy wrapped his paws around her neck and wouldn’t let go.

But she was there to meet ‘Tony’ so she carried this little guy around, met other kitties, watched this little one play with others, then went to the front desk to ask about ‘Tony’. Turns out, THIS was ‘Tony’. However his name just didn’t fit. He definitely held BEAR Energy and later that day he was christened Lil Bear. Yes he finally grew into his paws.

Lil Bear is a major player in every Holistic HEALING session and all Energy work. He loves to clear Energy out of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Chakras. If a Human requests he not be in the room with them, he still joins in the Energy work from another room.

Dr Nadine has difficulty doing computer work due to Lil Bear saying he MUST lay on the keyboard. So if your Newsletter is long in coming to you… he is to blame!!!!

Lil Bear
Bella protecting Kianga's cage. Its such a rough life being a BirdyCat friend

Meet Baby Bella

Baby Bella chose to be a part of the household and MagMine crew in 2014 when a neighbor could not take her with to their new home. Bella was about a year and a half we think. She came from living with doggies to 2 other cats. It was a huge shift for her.

After Bella made her choice to stay with us, we shifted her to Baby Bella so she could be the Little Sister to Sweekar and Lil Bear. She absolutely LOVES to give Hugs. After dinner, she will push her way up dr Nadine’s chest to bury her nose in Nadine’s neck. And then the PURRRRRINGGGG begins. It is AMAZING to RECEIVE all this High Vibration Healing and LOVE.

Baby Bella has joined many Holistic HEALING sessions. She loves playing with the Fairies and assisting you to shift your Energy. Her favorite colors to work with are Emerald Green and Gold.

Baby Bella having snacks and Kianga is wanting to steal them.

Baby Bella fell in love with Kianga Shivamet. They have become fast friends. It is common to find Bella inside Kianga’s cage. So I have a KittyBird and BirdieCat… go figure

Meet Kianga Shivamet (Sunshine my Beloved)

There is a long story about this baby. The very short version is Dr Nadine met ‘Casey’ in February of 2020. When they met, the little one spun her Crown Chakra and stayed on Pink. When Nadine told her how Beautiful she was, that she was a Ray of Sunshine, and that she loved her Pink Crown, the response was “YOU SEE ME”. Isn’t that just the Kewlest???

Lil Bear

Meet Kianga Shivamet ~ Kianga is African for Sunshine. Shivamet was gleaned from Christine Feehan novels and means “my Beloved”. Kianga Shivamet was hatched in 1991 and moved in with Dr Nadine on February 18, 2020. As you can see from this image she was totally stressed out and had destroyed all of her feathers.

Dr Nadine and Kianga have been working on Trust, being Safe, Permission, and Choosing what to participate in. Nadine had to learn many levels of no, No, NO, NOOOOOOOO and then yes, YES, and TAKE ME. Kianga absolutely LOVES being a part of any and all HEALING sessions. She enjoys adventures on grass, riding in the car, playing with the Horses, and going to Holistic Fairs. In the house she is best friends with Baby Bella and can been seen sneaking into Bellas food dish.

Here is a current shot of Kianga with her beautiful tail, feathers on her wings and shoulders. Yes we have a ways to go, however, she is taking this at HER pace.

Kianga showing off her new tail

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