Balance +Worth
+ Self-Respect = Inner SMILE

Your Inner SMILE begins with a spark. It becomes a warm glow that is felt throughout your body, cells, organs, and Chakras (Energy centers). Your Inner SMILE allows you to see Possibilities and then Empowers you to make Healthy Life Choices so you are in action, effectively, in those areas of your life that are important to you. Your Inner SMILE expands exponentially as you embrace Balance and own Self-Worth, Self-Respect and Self-Love into your life.

Hello! This is Dr Nadine. I began my personal journey as an awakening in 1994 when I was leaving a career as a high school Mathematics teacher. In my life at that time, I had little understanding or experience of what words like Ease, Balance, Feminine, Elegance, Capable or being Senior (the authority) in my body meant, let alone what the bloody things felt like. I totally lived in my head. I reacted to situations ( sort of like a bull in a china shop), rather than stepping forward with CHOICE.

Along my journey I was introduced to a way of life and Energy Tools that have allowed me to remember who I AM! I got to let go of things like anger, rage, resentment, being pissed off, and power and control. I got to deal with Cervical Cancer and discovered the roots that created the imbalance in my body. I got to choose to forgive for myself . I learned forgiveness was for giving to me! It was for my own growth. It did not absolve or approve what had been done to my body, my mind, my emotions, or my spirit. My Healing was a process. It was a journey. It took time. Yet today, I can FEEL My Inner SMILE! Today, I Embrace and Live my Life from a place of Happy, Ease, Joy, Elegance, Beauty, Balance, Grace, Kindness and Gratitude, with a Certainty and a Capable-ness. These are called Living Words. Today I choose the Positive, the Inner SMILE. Today I can say I Love Who I AM in Your Presence!

We all have the ability to Heal. Sometimes it is lovely to have someone guiding the way as we walk our path in our remembering our Greatness. Healing happens from the Inside-Out, Top to Bottom and from the Last symptom to the First one that occurred.

I am a Master Healer and communicator for both Animals and Humans. I became a Licensed Minister in 2002 and received my ND degree in 2008 (Natural Doctor). In 2014 the Animal Kingdom asked me to be a voice for them. You see Love had been re-introduced into the Animal Kingdom, allowing them to be willing to reconnect with the Human Kingdom, to re-trust. The Animal Kingdom had been so highly abused with telepathy and physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse. After LOVE was re-introduced to their kingdom things begin to shift and Heal. So I expanded my practice to provide Healing sessions and Communication for all Animals and Humans.

I have a passion to walk by your side and watch You grow as you Heal. I would be honored to hold a door open for You to enter into Your Greatness and Your MAGNIFICENCE! To Claim It! To Own It!. I would love to be a part of your Healing that allows YOU to say… I Love Who I AM in Your Presence. That is a HUGE statement.

Consider this my personal invitation to you. Come Play with me, and Embrace You! Huge Gratitude for you,

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