Hello, this is Dr Nadine. I began my personal journey or awakening in 1994 as I was leaving a career as a high school Mathematics teacher. At that time of my life I had no clue what words like Balance, Elegance, Feminine, Capable or Commanding FELT LIKE. I lived in my head. I reacted to situations rather than proceeding with CHOICE.

Along my journey I was introduced to a Way of Life and ENERGY Tools that have allowed me to ‘know myself’. Today, I can FEEL! Today, I Embrace and Live my life from a place of Happy, Elegance, Beauty, Balance, Grace, and Kindness with a Certainty and a Capableness. I find I am Commanding of my Presence.

An opportunity has been presented to hold a door open for You to enter into Your MAGNIFICENCE. To Claim It! To Own It!. Thus Magnificence Mine was born.

Welcome! With over 38 years of teaching experience and a passion to serve you and watch You grow, please consider this as my personal invitation to you to come Play with me and Embrace You!

As you explore these energy tools and material, FEEL what you read and allow your intuition and your heart to guide you further into this work.

Nadine, N.D., S.N.S.


In addition to teaching classes, I am an ambassador for Health and Well-Being. As such, I serve my community as a Naturopath and Holistic Nutrition Specialist. You can read more about that aspect of my life and services at CoachNadine.com

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