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Discover the transformative effects of Dr Nadine's Holistic Healing and Energy Work. Find your HAPPY!

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May 26

@ 12 pm PT, 1 pm MTN, 2 pm CT,
3 pm ET

For All Who Enjoy Energy Healing for their Animals

Allowing Possibilities

Donate to Nadine’s work or pay it forward for someone to enjoy.

May 15 & 22

@ 12 pm PT, 1 pm MTN,
2 pm CT, 3 pm ET

2 Part Webinar

May 19

@ 12:30 pm PT, 1:30 pm MTN,
2:30 pm CT, 2:30 pm ET

For All who Enjoy Energy work and a Holistic approach to Being Well and Well-Being

Healing for Animals & Humans

Transform body, mind, spirit

We take a Holistic approach and Energetically Clear out past hurts, trauma, and reactions to abuse, neglect, surgery or situations. Then Reset the Energy Field with feelings of Being Safe, Trust, Balance, I Belong, Confidence, and more. Each session whether for a Human or Animal will energize the body, thus supporting itself to HEAL.
~ Dr Nadine

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Designed to meet you where you are along your Healing Journey, get you back on your feet and raise you up so Your SOUL can Sing.


About Dr Nadine

Dr Nadine has been helping Humans and their Animal companions worldwide co-create profound and lasting differences in their lives for over 39 years. She facilitates how to break free from the past, take charge of your Energy, and then Step into Your Power so you are in action, effectively, in those areas of your life that are important to you. Dr Nadine is available for private Holistic Energy HEALING opportunities for yourself and your Animal companions. Remote (world-wide) In-Person (Northern Colorado & Wyoming)

I love who I am…
in your presence

Available to Explore

With her extensive expertise and compassion, Dr Nadine is available for private Holistic Healing and Energy work, and Communication opportunities for yourself and your Animal Companions. Remote (worldwide) In-person (Northern Colorado + Wyoming)

holistic Healing services

Birth-Life-Death support for Animals, Humans, Home & Business. Schedule a session today.

Meditations & Products

Enhance your Healing journey with audio, visual and tactile tools

Break Free From the Past

Learn how to Let Go and Choose how you want your Energy to be

Step Into Your Power

Make a lasting impact in your life

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