What if HAPPY woke you every morning?

That’s right. The feeling of, and the sensation of… HAPPY! That warm, fuzzy concept you might have started to wonder if it really exists.

Sound a bit far-fetched? Wouldn’t it be nicer than feeling drained and overwhelmed before the day even starts?

What if… you could start your day feeling energized? Down to every cell in your body. What if…  that “not enough” feeling shifted to relief and abundance? What if… feelings of shame, or guilt you may have buried deep stopped silently sabotaging your confidence, and dissolved? What if…  instead, you felt Capable, Certain, Worthy, Valued and HAPPY? What if?

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Stepping Past the Doubt

Maybe you’ve tried it all – from therapy to self-help books. Nothings’ stuck. And you know something’s got to change.

It’s time to let go of what “They” say you should be, do, or feel, and define your own journey. Your life is yours to claim and live fully.

True happiness begins when you give permission to yourself to be your own boss. Your capabilities begin to rise up from under the ‘shoulds’ you’ve let the world pile on.

As you begin to Feel Happier, that aching in your back might start to subside. The frown turns into an inner smile.  and…. maybe just maybe you’ll only need one cup of coffee to feel jazzed, instead of four… and then, eventually, none.                                                                                             

Getting to “HAPPY”

The thing is, you won’t find “Happy” in a magic or miracle pill, by reading a book, or in hours of talk therapy. “HAPPY”, and the life that goes with it, comes from a journey that only you can walk. Abraham says “We either Allow Well-Being or we deny well-being!Finding Happy is a Journey of Choice and commitment to SELF.

It’s also tough to do alone. People who have figured out how to make “HAPPY” stick usually have support from a trusted guide.

Finding and Owning HAPPY often takes learning tools so that you can:

  • Keep your mood and perspective elevated DURING crisis
  • Use your personal power to transform life’s obstacles into building blocks that help you consciously create the life you want
  • Access Happy, Capable, Certain, Ease, and more juicy feelings, any time you want
  • Feel in charge of your emotions – and your life, rather than taken for a ride
  • LOVE yourself! And know, that yes, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.!

Hello, I’m Dr Nadine, Master Healer for Animals & Humans, Teacher, Clairvoyant & Naturopath specializing in Nutrition. I am called a Medical Intuitive and a HEALERs Healer! I know so many men, women, and young adults who have faced these same challenges. That’s why I’ve designed my courses and Healing Sessions to provide you with the opportunity for a journey that is radically new, radically powerful, and radically transformative. Follow #drnadine111onTikTok for Healing tips for Animals and Humans

Nadine (9) AUDIO Welcome from Dr Nadine

On this journey, you’ll step UP and OUT of the doubts and into Empowered with practical, everyday Tools. You’ll learn to transform your day-to-day experience from grueling to exciting, abundant, and fulfilling. 

A Few ways to begin your journey

  • HEALING session or Clairvoyant READING – Out with the old and in with the new! You’ll step into Peace and the Present Moment.
  • Nine and Thirteen Month HEALING programs – Re-align your entire belief system from self-sabotage to limitless possibility – and watch your physical health transform along with it
  • Animal HEALING sessions – Send healing to your animal companion! I’ll stay tuned into him/her for 24 hours to keep track of how your baby’s doing!
  • Classes and Workshops – Crunched for time? Choose a day-long workshop. Want to take your time? Go slow and choose multiple-month classes.
  • Meditations – check out the Mp3 albums or have a 30-minute meditation Created Just for YOU.
  • SOUL Food cards – on-the-go daily inspiration, motivation, and empowerment within these 66 cards

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Through these courses or private HEALING sessions, you’ll experience “letting go of who you are not,”  and letting your TRUE self emerge. You’ll learn how to CHOOSE how life’s circumstances impact you, rather than feeling dragged around. You’ll come closer to Balance, Ease.

Want to know a secret?
You are BIG...

Is this hitting home for you?

Begin your journey with a discovery phone call. (no sales pitch, no hidden agenda, no weird pressure.) I’d love to learn more about your story. Click on the phone or link.

Schedule your discovery call today.

Give yourself Permission to explore new Possibilities. 

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It’s time to get YOUR HAPPY ON! 

Thank You for Asking for all the wonderful gifts you will find within the pages of this website. Thank you for Allowing these gifts to show up for YOU. Thank you for your desire to find and BE HAPPY! Know you are Welcome, as you explore, embrace and claim ownership for your Magnificence! I truly believe there is a reason you arrived here today. May your Heart be open as you take a look around and FEEL what resonates with you. My ‘team’ and I are enthusiastically dedicated to all Humans and Animals who are asking and allowing. With grand Enthusiasm and EXCITEMENT… Your Journey begins here



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