Validations of Success

Validations of Success

Holistic HEALING Sessions for Animals and Humans

Carla & Bowzer

New Mexico

“My dog, Bowzer, and I have overcome many challenges with the help of Dr. Nadine’s insight and the tools she has given the both of us. Because of these tools I am better equipped to help my dog (and myself) stay grounded, confident, and stable during times of stress, uncertainty, or illness. I am so grateful for Dr. Nadine” – Carla W. New Mexico

Jonnie & Bitsy


“Nadine helped me learn and understand that my cat Bitsy is here to support humanity’s transcendence into the new realms. That allows me to better support her as she performs this service. I am amazed at Nadine’s skills in animal communications.” ~ Jonnie N, Colorado Springs, CO

Wendy – Eva, Fin, TigerLilly, DaiZee


“No one can clear an animal like you can Nadine, that is the truth! You can clear an animal of emotional and physical trauma better than anything or anyone I’ve ever seen. You are truly amazing and a gift to all things four-legged and two-legged” ~ Wendy T, Northglenn, CO

Clean & Clear


“Nadine’s healing sessions have been an amazing and spot-on push I needed to find clarity and dive into my next step in healing and reaching my higher potential… the coolest thing was that not only did the healings themselves make me feel more CLEAR and CLEAN (and remember who I am, and what the “joyful” me feels like), but the last one we did in particular truly motivated me to step up and want to live a more clean life… because of how good clarity felt. I found my old thought pattern of ‘I know I have to give up XYZ substances in order to be healthier,’ replaced with a new thought pattern: ‘I want to let go of XYZ substances because I love how I feel without them!’ Thank you Nadine!”  – CG, Port Townsend WA

Huge Shifts


“​I am blown away. Huge shift today during our session. I can’t thank you enough for all your experience and ability to move energy quickly, but letting me participate in my transformation. I needed you!”  – AG,​ Fort Collins, Colorado

No More Poop


“​Just wanted to give you an update on Scooby. He has been soooooo much better since you worked with him. He hasn’t even pooped in the house.  The barking is down like 80-90%. Mostly only when someone rings the doorbell/at the door, or if he sees the next-door neighbors. Hasn’t even been barking at my neighbor who always has the garage open across the street. Anxiety is significantly down. Even my son mentioned last week that ever since the pet psychic Scooby is a lot better. ????”  – MA,​ Denver, Colorado


New Mexico

“The experience of a session with Nadine is so much more than passively listening to a “reading” or even being the recipient of a “healing”.  Rather, it is interactive, and the client is asked to participate at the level he or she is able to play.  Nadine is gifted with the ability to work in the energy field, to see the locations of problems or blockages that may cause physical and energetic manifestations, and the links between the two.  She works with her team of archangels, masters, elementals, and other beings of light who may show up for the session, to address the imbalance and make changes on all levels of the individual.   Nadine is non-judgmental, gentle, and loving.  I feel very blessed, and in deep gratitude for having had this experience.” ~ AS, Taos, New Mexico

Safe Space


“You really tapped in to some blocks I’ve been trying to clear for a long time. Thank you for providing such a safe space for healing.”~AF, Fort Collins, Colorado


New York

“Thank you so much for the gift of you and the miracle of our session today.  It was beautiful, exciting, exquisite, transformational, magnificent – everything in one. With much love and appreciation.” – TP, New York



Dr. Nadine is the REAL THING as far as healers go. She’s in full command of her vast array of healing modalities, gives everything she has, is fully present, and effects real change.” ~Rachel P, Fort Collins, CO



“I appreciated the open-hearted space that just screams LOVE! I also thank her for giving me permission to speak my truth and to remember to call on my guides for anything and everything.” ~ Karina A.  Fort Collins, CO



“OMFG Dr Nadine is the Bleeping Bleep she is a true healer. Truthfully I thought this was going to be a bunch of hog wash but I went in with an open mind and the transformation is out of this world. Thank you thank you thank to the magical Dr. Nadine.” ~ Ben W. Fort Collins, CO



“I want to thank you and our Guides and Angels for the tremendous healing work you all did to help my father (John) during his recent death/transition.  I am so moved by how compassionately and diligently you and they worked to encourage John back to the Light after he had led a life that was a combination of service and exploitation of others, especially of those closest to him.  While we had done tremendous work to forgive him, John’s declining health and his last days were filled with ups and downs and much strife and anger, control and manipulation, rather than loving surrender.  This is what led me to call you, Nadine.

I knew that he needed help making the transition, to surrender his powerful mind/ego, and to open his heart as a child, in order to leave this world in peace and ease.  You worked diligently for over 24 hours, in meditation, to support him, clear negative energies, reconnect him with his God, and help him surrender.  A process that could have dragged on for months, once you and the Angels were complete, my father transitioned in peace within hours, without pain medication or any medical intervention, at home in his own bed, as he had wished.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate this work and support.  It makes the grieving process so much lighter, happier and joyous.  It was a victorious ending.  Thanks so much!!   In gratitude, peace and joy” ~  Kathleen M. Lafayette, CO

in Utero Healing


“Nadine, I came to see you Christmas morning with my family and received such a blessing from our time with you! My daughter Acacia’s baby in utero had not been doing well…an enlarged kidney and the umbilical cord had not attached to the placenta which was resulting in him being small.  Yesterday I went with Acacia to her ultrasound to find his kidney was no longer enlarged, his umbilical cord had almost fully attached and he was normal size!!!!!!

It is an absolute miracle and feel so blessed for the love and healing you brought to my family that day. With much love and gratitude.” ~ Stephanie J. Fort Collins, CO

Experience of a Lifetime


How do you describe the most incredible experience of a lifetime? There are no words to express the appreciation, love and the joy I felt after my healing session with Dr. Nadine and the Archangels, Masters, The Eloheim, Lords of Light, Mother Mary and the many other beings of Light. All I know is I feel sooooo GREAT! So much heaviness has left me (except for the wings that I’m carrying ) I sit next to a Big candy jar at work and I didn’t have any chocolate all week!!! Others have told me that I look more open. As I was driving away, I looked up and what did I see in the clouds? an ANGEL!!!!! I am so grateful…Blessings!” ~ Gail B. Thornton, CO

Clarity & Confidence


“I just wanted to thank you for today. It was really incredible, afterwards I felt so much clarity and confidence with myself and my direction. Thank you so much! I am excited to work with my new found knowledge and the support from the universe.” ~ Crystal M, Fort Collins CO

I Feel Relief


“Great Gratitude for the blessing of Nadine and her gift of clairvoyance and  healing.  I feel such relief and a huge shift ~ Thank you Nadine !”   ~  D.S. Fort Collins

Metamorphic Shifts

Calgary, Alberta

“Words cannot easily convey my appreciation for your healing gifts.  My personal session with you was hugely shifting and I have never felt so calm and quiet in my head for maybe a long time. Feels like I shed a lot of wild emotions, hopefully some menopause stuff etc.  The session was amazing, metamorphic shift – indeed a miracle and altered my life!” ~ D.D. Calgary Alberta

Quick Healing


“Dr. Nadine did a quick healing on my boy. His respiratory issue is gone. Thank you Dr. Nadine.” ~ Rene D ~ Fort Collins. CO



“Our session today was the most profound one in my life, up until now! I am feeling serene comfort coupled with inner warmth and certainly there must be a glow, too! My mind is still, yet expansive and awake…newness abounds. With deep gratitude, appreciation and a smile” ~ Susan, Newfoundland Canada

Powerful – Much Needed Blessing

“beloved Nadine – I wanted to send you a note to let you know how very much yesterday’s session meant to me, how profound it was for me, how it lingers with me — still – and how last night as  I slept I’m pretty sure I continued to receive and/or commune with those blessed Beings who worked with us, and just in general I want to say “wow”.   what a powerful, much-needed and much-sought-after blessing,  I thank you for sharing you expertise with me, I am blessed” ~ Allyn B.

Life Changing


“Having a healing session with Dr Nadine is life changing.  I highly recommend her” ~ Lea Ann, Fort Collins, CO

Absolutely Remarkable


“Nadine is absolutely remarkable! Her clairvoyant ability connected her quickly to my immediate needs. It was like a wave of love passing through me! She brought in her spirit teams to work with my spirit teams presenting opportunities for healing with specific dietary information, energy adjustments within my physical and etheric bodies, insight for my own spiritual counseling practice and release of old energy blocks. Her ability to tap into many dimensions and guide me into my own connections was fantastic! I now know much more about my talents and abilities. She is a great coach! I highly recommend her! ” ~ Barb McC. Windsor, CO

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About Workshops and Seminars

My Must Haves


“As a very sensitive person, these energy tools have saved me in times of trauma, high stress, and working as a healer with clients. I don’t drive without using these tools, work without using my tools nor live my ordinary life without using these tools. They are my ‘must haves’. “~ CF, Fort Collins, CO

I can be Neutral


“Using the tools have allowed me to detach from the emotion of an event and step into “neutral” when dealing with situations which require clear unemotional thinking to process information given. In that “neutral” also comes “allowing” without judgment or expectations as to the outcome.” ~ LAR, WA

Transformed my Life


“The tools I have learned from your healing sessions/webinars have come to great use in my day-to-day life. Such as working in a calm manner in stressful situations or knowing how to target where I might be holding onto something that I need to let go of! Many of these tools I also use while working with my or other animals, when it is needed! These tools have completely transformed my life for the better!????.” ~ TB, Casper WY



“talk about out-of-the-box, hair raising, elephant stampeding, roof lifting, barrier-breaking, awe-inspiring INSPIRATIONAL GOODNESS ~~~ whoodyHOOT for our Co-Conspirator to Havingness, our AmBassadoress of Abundant Self Love/Self Honoring/Self Actualizing: The Magnificent Dr. Nadine!!!! Duuuuuude ~ that was EPIC!” ~ RP, Fort Collins

Great Start of the Day


“Nadine! You were AWESOME!!! Thank you! What a great way to start the day.” ~ SL, Fort Collins

Filling the Tank


What an activity! Thank you Nadine for helping us fill each other and ourselves up!! ~ AM, Fort Collins



“Thank you Radiant Dr. Nadine for ROCKIN our world today and ALLOWING us, giving us PERMISSION to ROCK in our OWN world! You are love, support and bliss. Thank you for reminding me of who I AM.” ~ CF, Fort Collins

A Reminder


‘Thank you for the great reminder of appreciating ourselves and our accomplishments! We all are amazing beings on this planet! Bless you, Nadine! ” ~ SAH, Fort Collins

Powerful Leader


“That was an awesome activity session and you are a very powerful leader, Nadine Nd Cns! Thank you so much for sharing your self generously!” ~ KF, Fort Collins

You Inspired Me


“I had a wonderful time at your workshop.  You enthusiastically inspired and motivated me.  You made the evening very worthwhile with your concrete examples and fun activities. Thanks, Nadine!” ~ SS, Fort Collins, CO

Kick in the Pants


“Since the recent tele-call introducing basic tools for Creating My Personal Power Field that Dr. Nadine presented, I have come to know that the Empress Has No Clothes.  I am more aware then ever how naked my aura is. When I practice the tools, I feel the velveteen cloaking around my energy field. More clarity, more energy.  But I am also not very disciplined, I notice.

I have the habit of not wanting to practice, much like a violinist who does not tune her instrument before performing.  Yeouch!  When I attend the upcoming seminar in Calgary, Alberta for the Power Field Course, I hope to ground the tools from the tele-call and move forward in creating a stable energy field.  I know I can’t keep being bombarded by the ramping energies and hold my own without a decent set of clothing.

Probably some stunning armor with embossed roses.  I am excited to meet others at this upcoming seminar.  Are we having similar issues?  What IS next for us?  With Dr. Nadine leading us, I know the experience will be the proverbial kick in the pants I find I’m needing right now, but offered with playfulness and unconditional love.  See you in Calgary!” ~ Vicki N, Montana

New Confidence


“Thank You. I feel a new confidence and certainty after today’s workshop. I feel more confident in my ability to practice the tools without getting it wrong (remembering you can’t do it wrong), more confident that I can go within for answers, certain that I can create and allow what I need and want now, and certainty that with practice, I will master these tools. In fact, to put that in present time, I am in the process of mastering these tools.  I look forward to signing up for the Personal Power Field Class. Thank You Nadine!” ~ Carol J, TX

Filled with Value


“The ENERGY TOOLS Workshop was really wonderful. Every moment was filled with valuable tools and insights. Your ability to make things playful and potent at the same time is great. I’ve never felt so completely “rosed” as I did when you suggested that we make the roses human size. And clearing out the center of the head with a fire hose was brilliant, funny, easy and effective. The way that you presented the grounding cord gave everyone permission to have it be totally ample for whatever we needed to release. I know that Calgary will be a very powerful opportunity for all present. See you there!” ~ Faith L, Montana

a gift for you


About The Create Your Personal Power Field Course

There are no words


“The Creating Your Personal Power Field course is amazing. Like pieces of a puzzle, each session helps connect/bring the fragments together. Although I have to say, The Pink Diamond session moved me to tears of Joy. There are no words to express the feelings of Love and Grace, Power and Compassion, Joy and Wisdom. With very little effort I can feel myself standing in the middle of my pink diamond along with my soul, my higher mind and my three sided pyramid. This is me… this is who I AM. This is where I choose to live. Many thanks for the magnificent lessons that you bring! For the first time in thirty years I can relax and sleep without being awakened by panic attacks” – DH, California

I look forward to each class


“I look forward to each class session very much. So much is happening, so very fast. I can feel the veil physically lifting every day, and as it lifts, the vision of heaven on earth becomes less of a dream and more of a reality. It is exciting to be here at this time. I am so grateful for your commitment to this.” – JV, CFO, Florida

Living Words


“I’ve watched the Creating Your Personal Power Field videos three times and every time I get new insights. I use these very simple tools now every day. Every morning before I get dressed, I ‘dress’ myself with these ‘Living Words’ and it works so wonderfully. It is a beautiful start to my morning meditation. My mind is much more quiet.” – CE, Virginia

Altered my Life!

Alberta, Canada

“Words cannot easily convey my appreciation for your healing gifts and time and energy to take me and the group thorough the amazing, metamorphic shift (Personal Power Field),which I will work to sustain – indeed a miracle! The course has altered my life. I feel so peaceful and took Monday off work to just BE. I look forward to sharing how I am doing in the next week or two.” ~ D.D., Calgary, Alberta Canada

This. Is. Big!


I am writing to express my gratitude that Dr. Nadine is on your Level One teaching staff. I just returned from Calgary and found the experience exhilarating, expansive, confronting,moving, playful… I am not the same person who walked into the space. I recognize myself now as a capable creator intending to expand my awareness. Dr. Nadine offers a vivacious enthusiasm and brings her multiple gifts to the occasion. Because of our ‘meeting’, some puzzle pieces fell together for me. Reference points I could not yet access although I knew something was afoot. Or in my case… astral-travel. I am feeling once again passion for being in my body and watching a panorama unfold very quickly before my eyes. Dr. Nadine continues to keep us in the loop through conference calls she is setting up and more class time. She is very dedicated and a total delight. I have such joy to consciously see my creations lining up and saying..’Hi, wanna play some more?’ Thank you all! This. Is. Big. ~ Vicki N ~ Eureka, Montana

One of the Best Teachers


“Nadine is absolutely one of the best teachers I have ever encountered and I feel deeply blessed to have had the opportunity to be in her Personal Power Field class. Nadine made it an amazing, soulful, miraculous, and life-changing experience. And she’s got an awesome sense of humor!!! The benefits from taking this class with her are continuing to unfold in my life. More and more I am choosing the energy I want to be in and stepping into that energy. I am letting go of who I am not and embracing who I really am. It is a constant practice and a miraculous new way of being. Thank You Nadine!!!” ~ Carol, Houstan, Texas

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