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Hello Ladies.
So many times we are willing to give to others… over and over and over. That depletes our body, our energy, our everything. Today is the day to change that pattern. Today is the day to Give YOURSELF a Gift! I would like to personally invite you to join me Sunday September 30th for Restore My Soul – Nurturing Your Womb Space. We will be delving deep into your Sacredness and Divine Feminine.

I have room for a few more ladies. My living room is limited to 11 . Use code ISAIDYES to receive a discount through Sept 28
More information on the class is here https://magnificencemine.com/restoresoul/  

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The workshop is open to 11 women (11 = power number).  A nurturing workshop for all women who desire to step into balance and feel proud of their femininity. This powerful, intimate afternoon will leave you feeling:
* Balanced and Safe
* Free and better able to manage life’s pressures
* Like YOU own your body and emotions (and not an alien)
* Proud of your beauty (yes, you are!) and your creativity (yes, you ARE!)
* Refreshed and Simply, divine.

Yes! I’m WORTH IT and ready to invest $75 in feeling revitalized.
Register by September 28 and Save 6% with code ISAIDYES 


ME Time Meditations with Dr Nadine.
I AM SENIOR in my body – March 5

ME Time Meditations allow you to unplug, restore your well-being and have a bit of time for yourself during your day. This Meditation allows you to try on, own then wear the vibration of Being SENIOR in your body. Of being the authority rather than handing it over to someone else. You will get to clear out a person, situation and self thoughts that inhibit your OWNING your SENIORITY. We end this meditation weaving I AM statements into your tapestry.

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Embracing your Best Self.
~ Dr Nadine

P.s. Contact Dr Nadine if you would like a 30 minute Meditation Created Just for You! Other Meditations are available in the Magnificence Mine store

Meditations that allow you to unplug, restore your well-being and enjoy some ME TIME during your day, because you deserve it.

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GROUNDING – January 21
This Meditation teaches you how to attach a GROUNDING Cord to siphon off the Thoughts and Emotions that do not belong to you.

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Embracing your Best Self.
~ Dr Nadine

P.s. Contact Dr Nadine if you would like a 30 minute Meditation Created Just for You! Other Meditations are available in the store on this site.

Welcome to the Year of 11 – the POWER year.
The year to Illuminate YOU out into the world.  T
he year to Be the BEST version of YOU possible. 

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Thanks for watching and playing with me.  Until next time.
~ Dr Nadine

What a wonderful day it is today.  If you are on the Magnificence Mine Mailing List you already know I just released two new Meditations by Dr Nadine albums called Tranquility and PERMISSION.  I just figured out how to give you a few samples.  When you click on each image below, it will take you to a 2-4 min SAMPLE of the track.  On HOME AGAIN we are featuring Walk by Stream; in PERMISSION we feature I Am Worthy; and in Tranquility we feature Colored Body

PERMISSION features the Glass Armonica.  It has been my experience that the vibrations from these crystal bowls penetrate the cells and HEAL at a very deep level.  Enjoy these Samples.

Please use code 17Med3Nad5 to receive a $5 discount when you purchase all three albums. They are available in the Magnificence Mine Store.  These are provided to you in MP3 format for Easy download to your computer and EASY upload to each of your listening devices.

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