We have room in The Restore my SOULNourishing Your Womb Space workshop for 11 women

Ladies… Sisters of my Soul:  Have you ever made mistakes or poor choices within your Sexuality? or Sensuality?  Have those bad choices followed you forward in life?  Do you continue to make bad choices when it comes to your sexual or romantic partners?

Are you exhausted in the middle of the day?  Do you feel depressed and out of sync with yourself? Do you experience cycles of UTIs (urinary tract infections) or yeast infections? or more??? WHAT Damage has been created within your second Chakra, your Sacred Space due to past mistakes, abuse, abandonment of self or choice?

The reason I ask is because it CAN BE DIFFERENT. Your body CAN be realigned to Balance and Well-being.  Regardless of the past, You can Reclaim your second Chakra. You can Reclaim your Feminine Power. You Can Restore Your Divine Feminine Vessel! If you said yes to any of the questions above this workshop has value for you.

If you have you ever felt like your world has been turned upside down; your Emotions running like a roller-coaster ride;  been tired or cranky because EVERYONE else has come first; or been feeling like an alien has taken over your body…  This workshop has value for you.

With multiple planets in retrograde and the string of Eclipses we are experiencing, the emotional roller coaster is totally understandable.  As Mother Earth shifts and changes making her way towards Balance it is super important that WE Join together and bring Balance to our bodies, to our Womb and to the Divine Feminine within each of us.

If this is resonating deep within you, I would love to spend the afternoon with you on September 30th.  Anyone with a female body and a desire to step into Balance and Own Your Womb Space are welcome, regardless if you still have the ‘parts’.  This is a powerful and intimate ‘working’ workshop – open up o 11 women.

In this intimate setting you will learn how to:

  • Ground the body and make is Safe
  • Ground Your Sacred Space: Breasts, Ovaries, Cervix and Uterus (even if you no longer have the body parts) and the Pituitary Gland, Pineal Gland and 6th Chakra
  • Release others from your second Chakra
  • Discover the power of Three within the many triads we form
  • Reset your Hormones as you Reclaim and Restore your Feminine Power
  • Join Your Divine Feminine with other Goddesses, Priestesses and representatives from the Divine Collective as you Receive Sacred Gifts; and run that Energy through YOUR Sacred Space

You will leave FEELING:

  • Refreshed
  • Balanced
  • Empowered in your Creativity, Sexuality and Sensuality


Payment and Registration:

Please make sure you have JOINED the Magnificence Mine Mailing list. Select Restore my SOUL under the classes option so your information is pulled into this class. You will be sent a confirmation email with more details. 

Time and Location:

The workshop will being promptly at 12:45 pm on Sunday September 30th
Creating RESULTS Holistic Center
1901 Winterberry Way, Unit B
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Vmsg and Text:  970-443-2541

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