Yes! I’m WORTH IT and ready to invest $125 in feeling revitalized!
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Ladies… Sisters of my Soul: So, you’re tired of feeling out-of-control and exhausted every month. Or maybe you’ve given up on feeling beautiful and desirable, and surrendered that longing as a consequence of aging. Or, maybe past sexual experiences are too uncomfortable to talk about – yet you long to feel intimacy again… without fear.

Just the phrase “embracing your sexuality and sensuality” will likely send some readers reaching for the red “x” icon. (It’s a pretty taboo subject).

Let’s get clear: Embracing your “sexuality” doesn’t have to mean turning your life inside-out, getting a divorce, hitting up the nightclubs, and taking on erotic dancing as a side job.

Embracing your sensuality, sexuality and femininity actually means:

  • Your life will become more calm, more balanced, and more enjoyable.
  • The &%*@ storms will settle and you’ll find time again to breathe and take that soothing bath surrounded by candles.
  • You might even experience more intimacy with your loved one, or better yet, more peace inside yourself.

collage of women behind glassI know so many women who are running on empty, feeling haunted by past hurtful sexual experiences, or who are constantly plagued by PMS symptoms.  

I’ve also had women ask me how I’ve tackled these challenges, my own sexual abuse, survived cervical cancer, and learned to experience balance in my own life amidst the chaos.

I’d like to share with you the amazing tools that transformed my life from chaos to balance.

So, I’ve put together an afternoon workshop for us sisters to feel nourished, tap into our juicy creative energy, learn some super helpful tools (that you can take with you and use anywhere), and feel balanced again!

Shoving emotions in jars, popping pills – sloughing through energy slumps and depression –  steals your self-confidence, wrecks havoc on your physical health, and sucks the fun out of your relationships. Those “solutions” may seem like an easy quick fix, but believe me, they’re a fake fix, and they’ll leave you more depleted of joy and energy in the long run.

The good thing is, with a few simple tools (that I’ll show you in our afternoon workshop), you’ll get to reclaim your confidence, beauty and emotions. You’ll get to take control of how you feel.

beautiful woman smiling into a mirrorThink of it like this: You’ll get to feel PROUD to be YOU, rather than feeling like you have to put on a facade just to get through the day.

When I finally traded the self-doubt, shame, and struggle for feeling desirable, sensual, and beautiful again, I was pretty blown away by how empowered I felt, and how much my life changed as a result. I stopped wasting my time analyzing things that didn’t matter (like other people’s opinions), doubting myself, or just trying to find the energy to get out of the house in the morning!

So, I want to invite you to give something new a try… just for fun, and see how it changes your everyday life, routines, and how you feel. And, I’m pretty certain it’ll help you LOVE your life, LOVE your body, and (yes even) LOVE your emotions again. (Sure it sounds idealistic, but you might be amazed at how possible it is. I sure was).

Maybe you are saying…“Heh Nadine, All this woo-woo talk is great, but will this workshop really work for me?”

Soul sisters, I’ve been there, and been through it. I get your struggle. YES!!
It’s time to nurture YOU!!!

young woman holding a cherished pot

Space limited to 11
October xxth 10:00 – 5:00 PM
please arrive by 9:45 so we can begin at 10

Yes! I’m WORTH IT and ready to invest $125 in feeling revitalized!
Register by midnight October 18 and Save 12% with code ISAIDYES
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collage of 3 dynamic young women full smiles

A nurturing workshop for all women who desire to step into balance and feel proud of their femininity.

This powerful, intimate afternoon will leave you feeling:

  • Balanced and Safe
  • Free and better able to manage life’s pressures
  • Like YOU own your body and emotions (instead of dreading the roller coaster ride every month)
  • Proud of your beauty (yes, you are!) and your creativity (yes, you ARE!)
  • Empowered, Refreshed and …. Simply Divine

Yes! I need to gift this to myself
Register by October 18 and Save 12% with code ISAIDYES purple buy now grapiccollage 3 women joyous smiles

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Vmsg and Text:  970-443-2541

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