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Gifts of LOVE (donations)

Gifts of LOVE (donations)
Gifts of LOVE (donations)

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Gifts of LOVE (donations)

Gifts of LOVE is a way to make a donation
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Gifts of LOVE is a way to make a donation to Nadine's work, or pay it forward for someone to enjoy. Gift Cards are also available if you dearie to gift someone else. YOU CHOOSE the amount of your Gift of LOVE and determine how you want it used. Once you select the amount, click add to cart. Your chosen amount will show up there. If you leave the 'where to be used' open, Nadine will put it towards her HEALING work.

You can choose HEALING work, marketing, SOUL Food cards (deck one or two), software, tuition for someone, etc.

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You choose its purpose and amount. Tell Us how/where you would like your gift to be applied.
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