Session 1 – Essential ENERGY Tools

Session 1

In Session 1 we learn:
* The importance of taking a BREATH
* Find and own the Center of Your Head
* Create and activate your Grounding Cord
* Discover the edge of your Energy field
* Build the boundary points of your Energy field with the ROSE Tool
* Fill in with Golden Suns

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This video is only for your private use. Please do NOT share it


Please do the following every day

Drop and re-create a new Grounding Cord
Activate it.

Say Hello to the 6 ROSES that surround you.

Practice creating a ROSE
Command the ROSE to collect up Energy
Explode the ROSE.

Before bed, create a ROSE
Collect your Energy from your day
Place this ROSE in your Crown Chakra
Absorb and Embrace all of you

Session 1 Downloadables

Audio only (01:25:00) Click Me
Capture Guide to download and print Click Me
Notes to download and print Click Me

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