Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions asked. If you have another to add to the list, please send in an email.

What is your privacy policy?

Privacy honored.  ALL information is kept confidential. All session information is kept confidential. If you purchase a product, your information is used mail your product to you or to connect with you regarding a class you registered for.

Do you have a mechanism to receive a payment if I don’t want to pay through the store?

Yes! You may use Venmo, Zelle or Applepay. If using Venmo please use emojis in the subject with ID @drNadine111. Use this email for Zelle drNadine111@gmail.com. You may send a check/money order or gift card directly to Dr Nadine
at 1901 Winterberry Way, Unit B, Fort Collins, CO, 80526 please include key information. You might also want to connect with Dr Nadine via phone or email. When you use the Magnificence Mine store you can use any form of payment including PayPal.

What is the difference between a Reading and a HEALING?

This is an excellent question.
A READING provides:
* Communication (information) only
* You choose what to do with that information
* You can then make choices that serve you and your Animal Companions

A HEALING provides:
* Communication throughout the session
* We Clear Energy blocks
* Restore balance and flow
* Reset the Energy within your Chakras
* Fill you in
* Human sessions are recorded

How long is a session?

A READING usually lasts 30 minutes. (Animal – Human)
A HEALING session is 90 minutes for Humans and 24-hr connection is advised for your Animal Companions.

How long is a session for my Animal Companions?

A single session is around 30 minutes. Dr Nadine will attempt 3 Energy passes in that time frame.

During a 24-hr Energy connection, Dr Nadine will make as many passes as your Animal will allow during the 24 hours. This time is used to Clear, Reset, Integrate and Anchor the changes.

What is a Chakra?

Chakra is Sanskrit for Energy center. Humans have 7 main Chakras in the body, Animals have 11. Both have many secondary Chakras (at joints etc)

What is your cancellation policy for Energy Checks, Readings, and HEALING Sessions?

The magic number is 24-hour notice. With respect to both our time, if you provide 24-hour notice, your session will be joyously rescheduled. With anything less than 24-hour notice payment for the session will be joyously accepted.

What is an Energy Check?

An Energy Check is a brief spirit-to-spirit communication focusing on the tools you are currently exploring in your program or class. An Energy Check provides a Hello, Validation, and a Next Step, delivered with the intention that you feel an empowering shift in energy. You might also experience more clarity, focus, and inspiration as you take another step along your journey. Example: Your Second Chakra is wide open

How long is an Energy Check?

20-minutes is the optimal time to say hello, validate your progress, and point to a next step. Should you desire more in-depth communication, you might choose to have a Reading with Dr Nadine.

I had an Energy Check and I loved it.  How would it be possible to receive more communication?

Dr Nadine offers a one-hour Reading to serve your additional communication needs. HEALING sessions are 90-minutes. For a Reading, please prepare a list of questions and/or topics you would like to cover. Many times, just receiving communication creates a shift of Energy. If you opt for a 90-minute HEALING session, Dr Nadine will utilize her vast box of tools as a Master Healer to assist you. She is joined by her huge healing ‘team’.

Are Energy Checks and Readings recorded?

Remote (phone) HEALING Sessions will be recorded and a link provided to you for downloading to your own computer. In-person sessions tend to be more Hands-On with recording getting in the way. An Energy Check can be recorded if requested.

May I get an Energy Check and a Reading in the same session?

As the focus of an Energy Check is different from that of a Reading, Dr Nadine highly suggest that you schedule these sessions on different days.

Do you have a recommended Energy Check schedule for students?

You might find value in receiving an Energy Check once a month and after any major Energy shift on this planet called Earth. We ALL go through growth periods and receiving a Hello is wonderful. You are always at choice!

May I have my Energy Check in person?

A more efficient use of time, on both sides, is to provide Energy Checks via the phone.

I’m feeling challenged with this material, will you do a HEALING during my Energy Check?

You will find greater value if you allow an Energy Check to focus solely on spirit-to-spirit communication.  I understand this material can be challenging, that’s called a “growth period.” When you find yourself deep within a growth period, you might opt for a full-hour communication session or opt for a 90 minute HEALING session which focuses solely on HEALING.

What is your SOUL Food Deck One refund policy?

SOUL Food Deck One cards arrive within an outer box and shrink wrapping. They are then placed in another bubble container to be shipped to you. Dr Nadine will consider a refund only for damage to the cards themselves (not the outer box). You must provide visual proof of the damage. Should a refund be granted, you will need to send the entire deck of cards back to Dr Nadine.  You will pay return shipping costs. Dr Nadine will then send you a new deck of cards (you will pay the new  shipping costs). Normal usage, or damage done to the cards will not constitute a refund (spilling water on the cards, tearing the cards, etc)

What is your class refund policy?

Please explore all of the information on this website before you purchase a class to make sure the work/play resonates with you as a next step on your journey. Signing up requires a big commitment to yourself and your spiritual growth. Before you begin, it is important to know that sometimes participants do hit a block or issue, or get stuck in some way. It is normal to experience some resistance after taking a ‘next-step’. We call that a ‘growth period’. Most times, a conversation with Dr Nadine is all that is needed to get un-stuck and keep moving through the Energy toward your goals. Energy Checks are recommended at specific points in your program.

If, anytime up to the third session, you feel this work is not serving you, please schedule a personal conversation with Dr Nadine to discuss the blocks you are encountering. Then, if it is your desire, we will refund your tuition minus a $250 fee for the Creating Your Personal Power Field course and minus a $150 fee for the Transforming Habits course.

Refunds will not be made after the third session. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse service.

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