It’s time to get your HAPPY ON!   

What if HAPPY woke you up in the morning?

That’s right. The feeling of, and the sensation of… HAPPY!  Sound a bit far-fetched?  Wouldn’t it be nicer than, I wish I could just stop the world and get off?  or roll over and slip back into sleep kind of feeling?

What if… you could feel happy. Really, deeply, happy. Down to every cell in your body kind of happy? The kind of happy you might have started to wonder if it really exists – or if it’s just a warm, fuzzy concept therapists, coaches and newly-weds talk about. 

But what if you could get there? When was the last time you felt something close? Maybe you’ve tried everything on the block… talk therapy, self help books, three-hour heart-to-hearts… but nothing’s stuck.  It’s time for change.  It’s time for a journey about choice.  It’s time to get honest with yourself and dive deep – into you.

It’s time to let go of what “they” say you should be, could be, need to be, need to do, or need to feel.  It’s time to define your own journey.  It’s time to find your Voice and your HAPPY!

True happiness begins when we give ourselves permission to be “our own boss.”   We begin to say hello to any fears, doubts, dreams, hopes and emotions and finally, joys, that may have gotten buried under duty, obligation, not good enough, guilt and the “shoulds” we’ve let the world pile upon us. 

It’s time to shake ‘em off, step up out, and into our true self.  Step into our power.  Reclaim our voice.

The good news, is that HAPPY is possible. And not just on rare occasions – but everyday.  It’s also possible to feel confident, beautiful and capable. Those are real things. They change your life and how you live. They change how you feel when your feet step out of bed every morning. As you start to feel happier, that aching in your back might start to subside. Maybe you’ll only need one cup of coffee to feel jazzed, instead of four… and then, eventually, none.

The thing is, you won’t find “Happy” in a miracle pill, just by reading a book, or in hours of talk therapy, (which is really just like a hamster trying to out-run their problems on a wheel). “HAPPY”, and the life that goes with it, comes from a journey that only you can walk. It takes a commitment to Self, and many times, it takes a guide who will teach you, and show you how to walk this journey.

A teacher, who will share with you tools so that you can:

  • Keep your mood and perspective elevated DURING crisis – death, divorce, financial turmoil, emotional struggle, you name it (You’ve GOT the strength to walk through it – you just might not know it or know how yet.)
  • Use your personal power to transform life’s obstacles into building blocks that help you create the life you want.
  • Access Happy, Capable, Certain, Focus, Ease, Elegant, Peaceful, Powerful,  and more juicy feelings, any time you want.
  • Feel in charge of your emotions – and your life, rather than taken for a ride. (It’s time for YOU to take the driver’s seat – and learn how to take it confidently.)
  • LOVE yourself, and know, that yes, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

Hello, I’m Dr Nadine, Healer, Teacher, Clairvoyant & Naturopath specializing in Nutrition. I know so many men, women and young adults who have faced these same challenges. That’s why I’ve designed my courses and Healing Sessions to provide you with the opportunity for a journey that is radically new, radically powerful, and radically transformative.

Nadine (9) AUDIO Welcome from Dr Nadine

On this journey, you’ll step UP and OUT of the doubts, the overwhelm and the lack, and be empowered with practical, everyday TOOLS you can use to transform your day to day experience from grueling to exciting, abundant, and fulfilling. Here’s some of the ways we can work together.  Use the navigation tabs for more information:

  • HEALING session or Clairvoyant READING – where we remove all of the old or outdated files within your Chakra system.  Bringing  you into Present Moment.
  • Nine and Thirteen Month HEALING programs  – complete realignment of all Cells, Glands, Organs, Hormones and Chakra’s.
  • Animal HEALING sessions – I stay connected to your baby for 24 hours
  • Classes and Workshops – these vary in length from one day to multiple months
  • Meditations – check out the Mp3 albums or have a 30 minute meditation Created Just for YOU.
  • SOUL Food cards – daily inspiration, motivation and empowerment lay within the 66 cards

Nadine's CALENDAR includes all events.MagMine_RackCard_front_web

Through these courses, or private HEALING sessions, you’ll experience how to “let go of who you are not.”  When you let go of what’s been dragging you down you get to know your TRUE self on a deeper level (hint: many times we don’t’ even know what it is until we actually let it go).

The best part is that you get to CHOOSE how you respond to life’s circumstances… and HOW they impact you, rather than feeling dragged around. You get to come closer to balance, ease, and overall well-being and being well.  Want to know a secret?  You are BIG…  You are SIGNIFICANT!

It’s not about running away from life’s “messy,’ or about sweeping it under the rug. It’s about activating your own sense of true power and confidence so that no matter the circumstances, YOU know, you’ve got your back. You have the power to create. You can choose Happy.  You can OWN YOUR POWER!

Hitting home for you? Begin your journey with a discovery phone call. (no sales pitch, no hidden agenda , no weird pressure.) This is about ease, flow and permission. Permission to share. Permission to explore new possibilities.

I’d love to learn more about your story. Schedule your discovery call today.

We end as we began.  With the message that It’s time to get YOUR HAPPY ON!  Thank You for Asking for the all the wonderful gifts you will find within the pages of this website.  Thank you for Allowing these gifts to show up for YOU.  Thank you for your desire to find and BE HAPPY!  Know you are Welcome, as you explore, embrace and claim ownership for your Magnificence! I truly believe there is a reason you arrived here today.  May your Heart be open as you take a look around and FEEL what resonates with you.  My ‘team’ and I are enthusiastically dedicated to all Humans and Animals who are asking and allowing. With grand Enthusiasm and EXCITEMENT… Your Journey begins here








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