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Thank You for Asking for the gifts you will find within these pages.  Thank you for Allowing these gifts to show up for YOU.  Be Welcome, as you explore, embrace and claim ownership for your Magnificence! I truly believe there is a reason you arrived here today.  May your Heart be open as you take a look around and FEEL what resonates with you.  My ‘team’ and I are enthusiastically dedicated to all who are asking and allowing.



Regardless of  current circumstances, education or financial status, or the role or title we may wear;  we are all here to experience an adventure.  We begin by participating in that adventure or experience unconsciously.  As we explore the mastery we each hold within, and remember who we are, we make a shift to experience our adventure conscious and aware.

Magnificence Mine offers courses like Transforming HabitsHowling YOURS; Whispers On Wings; and Creating Your Personal Power Field to assist you along your journey.  The Essential ENERGY TOOLS 90 min Workshop provides an experiential taste and feel of the practical, yet simple tools which can be used immediately.  The informative, engaging and interactive 90 min workshop is offered multiple times each month.  If you would like more practice with the tools, join in the fun with its coming up ROSES You are invited to come explore and play a little… or a lot.

Each of these opportunities offer processes and energy tools that allow you to ”let go of who you are not.”  During that time, shift happens, and you are at a place of choice to step through a door so that you may ‘know yourself’ at a deeper level.  The tools are simple to learn and allow you to create a happier life of choice in balance, ease and well-being.

This is a time of tremendous change. The world around you has become more intense, noisy and dramatic.  Magnificence Mine is here to Validate and Inspire you along your path of spiritual growth and FreedomAngel HEALING Sessions and Clairvoyant Readings are provided to anyone desiring personal communication about the subtle and not-so-sublte energy shifts currently manifesting in his or her space.

As you explore these energy tools and material, FEEL what you read and allow your intuition and your heart to guide you further into this work.  With grand Enthusiasm and EXCITEMENT… Your Journey begins here

LISTEN to the radio show Dr Nadine did with Host Sandra Malhotra March 22nd.  The Topic is LOVE is the Path to Conscious Healing

Living In Your MAGNIFICENCE with Dr Nadine
a 90 min interview with Host Sara Troy

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 Dr. Nadine



Thank You for Asking, and Allowing,
N.D., C.N.S.
Healer, Teacher, Clairvoyant, Naturopath






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