The Shift – Why It’s Happening. Where It’s Taking Us.

Published on May 19, 2013

With the closing of the 3rd dimensional reality many find themselves in a state of loss and confusion.  For the very sands they long believed their castles were built upon have begun to shift beneath them.

But the closing of the 3rd dimension does not have to be experienced as a loss at all.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  It is a time of celebration as the many limitations that have long held us in bondage are being stripped away only to reveal the true, vast, multi-dimensional nature of who we are.

“The Shift – Why It’s Happening.  Where It’s Taking Us.” uses compelling imagery, words and music to highlight many key components of the shift and to point those feeling stuck in a new direction.

The Shift Ebook is a simple, straightforward, yet in-depth, explanation of what is happening now on the planet, and how to best move within these extraordinary times of change.  The Video and The Shift Ebook are our gifts to you and anyone you feel might benefit from the information provided.  Please take a moment to watch and then click on the green book to the right to download your free copy.

Shared with you by Dr Nadine, A Mastering Alchemy Teacher.

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