Beautiful Day and Special Holiday Greetings,  from my home to yours.

This morning I recorded a 17 minute LIVE video on the Magnificence Mine FB page featuring Grounding a Room for Yourself, Grounding Your Body and then Setting the Vibration YOU want for your Space.  I also talk about how to teach your animal how to Ground their body.  Each of these tools allow you to feel peaceful and safe in your body and home.  Once you have cleared out the energy that is not yours you can begin the process of choosing the vibrations you want to have around you… like in JOY, HAPPY, Having-ness, Worthy, Deserving, etc..  Easy to do and well worth the few minutes it takes to shift your awareness.

When you scroll down the Facebook feed you will also find Cleaning Your Aura and sending SKY BLUE HELLO to the Body. Watch More     This page offers Meditations and Tools Allow for Shift.

 On Christmas evening, starting at 8 pm Mountain,  I will be doing another LIVE feed where we will simply Sit in LIGHT and Raise Your Vibration.  You are invited to join me.

Thank You for ALL the Wonder and Delight you add to my world.  My heart is filled when I get to look in your eyes and share Love. Sending you a huge parcel of Blessings and Love.  Open your arms and Receive.
From our heart to yours.
~Nadine, Sweekar, Lil Bear and Baby Bella


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