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Animal Channel

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$44.00/mo for 12 months
Animal Channel
Animal Channel
Animal Channel
Animal Channel
Animal Channel
Animal Channel
Animal Channel
Animal Channel

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Animal Channel

$44.00/mo for 12 months
Monthly Subscription - Private classroom includes recorded sessions.
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The Animal Channel webinar with Dr Nadine meets bi-monthly from the comfort of your home.  All sessions will be recorded.  We will be discussing all things related to the Animal Kingdom.  Open to anyone who would like learn more about the Well-Being of the Animal Kingdom and working with your own beloved family members with scales, feathers or fur.
Each session is 60- 90 minutes.  The first session will be a  'information - working' piece or work; the second session is a place to  ask questions. 

Topics can include: How to set your space for a new adoption.   How to relieve stress and anxiety. How to set the energy to Safe so you can build Trust.  How to clean up urine. and so much more.

The Animal Channel has a private member area that holds current recordings and  Dial-in information. Visit the Classes page for upcoming topics and dates

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