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Essential ENERGY Tools Workshop

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Essential ENERGY Tools Workshop
Essential ENERGY Tools Workshop

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Essential ENERGY Tools Workshop

Essential ENERGY Tools - 3 session workshop
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Essential ENERGY TOOLS is a three session workshop offered via your phone (unlimited seats) and simultaneously in Fort Collins, CO (8 seats),at the Creating RESULTS Holistic Center Each session meets for 90 minutes from 6:30 - 8:00 pm MTN. The sessions are informative, engaging and interactive.

* Session 1: Participants receive 4-6 Tools for immediate use!. The Tools are practical and simple. They can be used daily to quiet the noise and drama and keep you from being affected by irritating people and situations. These essential Tools allow you to create a happier life in balance, ease and well-being.
* Sessions 2 & 3: Are working sessions. Participants use the ROSE Tool taught in session one to make Separations from people, events, sticky situations; to determine whether something is a Truth or Lie for you; to Clear Energy out of your space around specific emotions or time frames; and more. The more you clear out, the more room you have to create a HAPPIER life in balance, ease and well-being. https://magnificencemine.com/energy-tools-workshop/

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