Hello, I wanted to send out a Holiday Greeting to those of you who might not be on my mailing list.  I tried to get Sweekar Koyal, Lil Bear and Baby Bella to ‘pose’ for a picture.  HA HA HA.  They pointed out I would have better luck getting my favorite squirrel, whom I have named JOY, to pose as I give her a peanut.  If you have animals you understand the dilemma of having everyone DO what you, as the human, want them to do.  HA.  Unless it is feeding time then everyone turns into an angel, with multiple halos.  

It is a chilly Boxing Day here in Colorado.   Yet I remember the sun shining on the snow that fell during the night, creating such BEAUTY.  I sit here drinking IN this beauty, simply BE-ing one with the Beauty, and imagine you and I enjoying a cup of tea together. It is lovely to sit with you.  To BE with you.  To enJoy with you. Thank you for joining me.  Now it is WE sitting here in BEAUTY and CALM and simply BE-ing one with each other.

As you and I become ONE with BEAUTY and CALM, lets add in JOY.

Breathing IN Joy, breathing IN Beauty, breathing IN Calm.  And now breathing it all OUT, so that it can mingle and merge with all the other Calm, Beauty and Joy.

Can you feel the shift happening.  As we simply BE with one another?        Breathing IN….       Breathing OUT… 
Becoming ONE with BEAUTY, CALM and JOY.

Photo by Sean Wells on Unsplash

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.  Now go share all that you have become, with another. 
Simply BE this new space.  Breathing it IN, Breathing it OUT…
Sharing with another. 


Have a Amazing Holiday season with whomever you choose to share it with.
Here is a beautiful video from the Animal Kingdom.  
~ Dr Nadine, Sweekar, Lil Bear and Baby Bella


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