Good Morning from Nadine. The campaign through indiegogo to get SOUL Food Deck One into Print ended May 20th at midnight and the site taken down.   We raised $5,933 towards our goal of $21,000.  Thank you to everyone who got us to this place.

I have set up a few DONATE Buttons on the page for the continued ability to Contribute to getting SOUL Food into Print, as well as a way to PRE-ORDER the SOUL Food cards. I have also created 3 banners, one is shown here, if you would like to have a banner on your website or blog, please contact me.  We would then link the banner to the MagMine link above.

The funds raised will be dispersed in the following ways:
* indiegogo fees (9%) +  PayPal and Credit Cards fees (3%) for a total of 12% in fees off the top =  $711.96.  There was mention of possible hidden fees from the banks.  However I am optimistic this is the number that will be removed from our combined efforts.

The remaining $5,221 will be used for:

* Design and Layout of the box the SOUL Food cards will reside in
* Down Payment on templates, creations, proofs etc and ocean shipping of SOUL Food Deck One.
I will put the Companion Book on the back burner and focus solely on getting SOUL Food to Print.

THANK YOU for All the Lessons learned through this campaign.  I will be writing more about what I have learned, how I have grown.  For now I simply wanted to get a message out to let you know where we ended up.

A Huge thank you to Gail Benker, Jonnie Nottingham and April Pineiro for their huge contributions to the fundraising events we were doing over multiple weekends to assist our overall goal to get SOUL Food to Print. You guys rock.

I will continue my efforts to raise the funds needed to get these powerful cards into Print.
In JOY and Big Hearted Gratitude

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