Meditation Sunday

with drNadine

You are the connection between
Heaven & Earth

MEDITATION BEGINS: Sunday, 21 May @ 6:30PM Mountain


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For All Who EnJoy Positive Feeling Meditations

Meditation has begun
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You are the connection between Heaven & Earth

Many people forget this one huge concept. The truth is that You are BIG. You are Powerful... You are the connection between the Heavens and the Earth. Join me as we merge you with your SOUL, then merge your SOUL with the Energies of the Earth... the Energies of the Heavens… Allow your SOUL to Expand into Your Greatness...

Meditation Sunday is offered on a donation basis. You will receive an opportunity to donate on the Thank You message.

About Your Presenter

Dr. Nadine has been helping people and their Animal companions all over the world co-create profound and lasting differences in their lives for over 39 years. She facilitates how to break free from the past, take charge of your Energy, and then Step into Your Power so you are in action, effectively, in those areas of your life that are important to you. Dr. Nadine is available for private Healing opportunities for yourself and your Animal companions.

Master Healer, Naturopath, Medical Intuitive & Communicator for Animals and Humans

After the Meditation

All participants are emailed the MP3 recording of the meditation for their personal use.