Angel HEALING and or Clairvoyant READING Sessions

Dr Nadine offers 30 minute Clairvoyant READING Sessions and 90 minute Angel HEALING Sessions with a 60 minute Follow-up session to anyone who desires personal communication about the subtle and not-so-subtle energy shifts currently manifesting in his or her Body, Life, Emotions, Aura or Chakras.   Dr Nadine works with a huge ‘team’ of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elohim and Elementals (all Beings of LIGHT), as well as calling forth your Guardian Angels to provide information to you.  Nadine is gifted in seeing shifting energetic patterns within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; on multiple levels and multiple dimensions.  

Experience has shown these Angel HEALING sessions are in-depth, and offer Huge Shifts for YOU including: bringing relationship agreements into present time; clearing out past hurts from the physical, and emotional bodies thus allowing you greater freedom to experience more of YOU in your Life.  Words simply are not enough to describe the Huge Shifts that happen for You, In You and In Your Life.



HEALING with Clairvoyant Reading Sessions can be created anywhere around the world as long as you have access to a phone. ALL AGES Welcome (including in-utero).  Nadine offers Hands-On Healing Sessions in her home office.  To BOOK your Private Angel HEALING/Reading Session… scroll to the bottom of this page and follow the directions.

SoulFood_BM_web_smallDuring a Reading Session, if an opportunity presents itself to assist you in shifting or changing the energetic dynamics beyond providing pure communication, Nadine will offer assistance (HEALING) relating to the stuck energy.  IF you provide permission, that healing/assistance will be provided.  Your session is ALL ABOUT YOU!  More information is provided in the FAQ section.

Crossing Over in Joy ~ Nadine prepares and guides Souls across the threshold with a Loving process that offers Depth, Wholeness and Completion. As a Healer, her skills compliment any tradition and provide Peace, Grace and Serenity for all involved. The passing of a life touches many, in that light, HEALING Sessions are provided to assist family members and friends through their own process in Healing.

10 -15 min HEALING Sessions are offered a few times a month in Fort Collins, Colorado.  During your 10-15 min session, HEALING ENERGY will be run either through your Crown Chakra (Sea Foam Green/Mother Mary Energy) or through your Feet Chakra’s (White Gold/Christ Force Energy).  You many experience heat, cool, tingling throughout your body.  One Energy focuses on Emotional/Mental release, another on Physical conditions. Both Energies are very Calming, Soothing, and Powerful.  ALL AGES WELCOME.  These sessions are offered on a Sliding Scale ($35-50/person).  If you live outside of the Fort Collins area and desire a mini-Long Distance Healing, Please contact Dr Nadine directly for instructions and payment.

House or Business Healing Session ~ Clear out stuck Energies or Blockages from your Home or Business then set the Energy where You want it, in Present Moment so that you can experience greater Abundance, Balance and Flow, Effortless and with EASE.

What can I address in my private HEALING session?

Your Healing Session is ALL ABOUT YOU!  Some topics that have been addressed include:

  • Cleaning out and Aligning the Chakras (includes clearing out all the old files, and tapes stuck in the Chakras)
  • Bringing Balance to the glands, hormones, organs and cells within the physical body
  • Cleaning out hurts, patterns or behaviors through seven genetic lines.  This can be done on either the Mother or Father’s genetic line (you, mother, grand-mother etc. through seven genetic lines)
  • Clearing ‘stuck’ energy in a relationship (self, romantic, familial, work, etc.)
  • Clearing ‘stuck’ energy in a Business or business meeting
  • Cleaning out Beliefs that no longer serve you around topics such as Money, Creativity, your ability to Have your Creations.
  • Those of you in Mastering Alchemy, we will use most of your tools within your session
  • and more

The possibilities you can cover in a Reading or HEALING session are endless.  Your time is all about YOU.  We begin with your question or situation and go from there.  Our goals will be to release much of ‘what you are not’ thus Allowing you to step and claim your Greatness.   As you Own yourself, claim your Greatness you step into YOUR MAGNIFICENCE!!!  ~N


To Schedule a Angel HEALING /Clairvoyant READING Session:

  • Select your HEALING session option from the choices in the Magnificence Mine STORE or Contact Dr Nadine directly for other payment options.
  • Payments must be received in advance of your session.
  • Complete the short questionnaire provided below
  • Nadine will send you a confirmation email with your appointment day/time, payment confirmation, and your questionnaire responses if needed.
  • You will be provided with a dial in number and code so that your session can be recorded.  On the day and time of your HEALING session, simply dial in to the number provided, Nadine will join you on the call.
  • It is recommended that you sit for at least 20 minutes before your session to clear out your day.
  • At the end of your session, Nadine will send you a link to your session recording.


HEALING Session Questionnaire

Please complete this short questionnaire to provide me with a few key pieces of information ~ Dr Nadine
Cancellation policy24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule your session in respect to your time and mine.  If you provide 24-hour notice Magnificence Mine will joyously reschedule your session.  With anything less than 24-hour notice Magnificence Mine will joyously accept payment for the session.  Please be mindful of time-zone variations.  Magnificence Mine is located in Mountain Time Zone (GMT +0) in the USA.

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