#HabitHack – Transform a Habit
experience a new you in 30 days!

What is a habit

A habit can be defined as an established disposition or practice, meaning it is settled, ingrained, and recurrent.  It is often unconscious and can be difficult to give up. What is clear with a habit is the behavior or activity was acquired through frequent repetition. To Hack means to rough cut, blow, or stroke.

Goals for the Transforming Habits course include becoming aware of one of your habits, to then hack or cut through the unconscious repetition of the behavior or habit and shift to making a conscious choice with a new behavior or action.

What will I experience?

During our time together, you will 

  • Learn to Observe current behavior or choices surrounding a habit
  • Choose a different response to the old behavior, and then
  • Engage your new responses
  • Discover and clean out connections and/or contracts you have created around the habit
  • Clean out each of the seven Chakras (energy power points within the body) around the habit
  • Reset your energy and agreement with your New Behaviors.  New Roots.  New Growth.  New Light

The Transforming Habits class is an opportunity to experience a new you.

Course Structure

The course contains five ninety (90) minute sessions held within a 30-day time frame. The course is offered am and pm via Tele-conference so everyone around the world may participate.

Class times are listed in MOUNTAIN time zone. Please check your zone. Classes will be recorded when Meditations are involved. Recordings will be sent to each participant. he dial-in information will be sent to you with confirmed Registration.

Registration process

  • Decide you are IN this class
  • Pick the class time you desire (am or pm)
  • Make your Payment
  • Complete the Registration form click here
  • Receive your confirmation note from Dr Nadine with details
  • Attend Class

           5 sessions only $179 (includes meditations)

Click here to purchase #HabitHack = Transform a Habit

Schedule   Nadine is working on dates

AM class ~ offered  11 – 12:30 am MTN (GMT +0)
Thursday, October x
Monday, October x
Monday, October x
Monday, October x
Thursday, October x

PM class ~ offered  6:30 – 8:00 pm MTN (GMT +0)
Thursday, October x
Monday, October x
Monday, October x
Monday, October x
Thursday, October x

Dial In information is provided with your confirmed  Registration. 

Join Me!
Transform a Habit and create a new way of BE-ing
balance, stability and freedom

you are worth it

Our next course is forming for mid-February. Call or email for details. Join our mailing list to keep informed of all course offerings.

Success stories

Comments from participants are encouraged on Facebook. Those who agree are also shared in the Validations section on this site.  Please send me your success stories to share with others. Bottom line: This class is WORTH DOING!!!

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