How will the information be presented

The tools and information are presented in a specific order with each session building upon the previous one for expanded integration.  Much is offered and will unfold, even if you are not aware of it.  However, in order for transformation to take place it will require Attention and Practice on the part of the participant.  The tools are simple and easy to learn, however some assembly is required

During the course, you will experience everything listed below and much more in a safe, encouraging and playful, kindergarten-like environment.  You will have lots of Permission to Play.  You will receive and practice all the tools, strategies and skills to Masterfully move through your life with Ease and Well-Being.

As a trained, qualified and yearly certified Mastering Alchemy Teacher, I will teach, guide and encourage you as you learn and practice the tools and concepts within this program.  Upon the completion of this course work, you will have created your own Personal Power Field allowing greater access to your higher wisdom and creative power.

In order to master Alchemy, transforming one possibility into another, we first must reconstruct and activate the fundamental structure of our individual Personal Power Field – the Octahedron.  This course is organic in nature; however, the intention is to include the following topics within the scheduled weekend.

expect nothing
Allow Everything

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What will be covered in the course

Weekend 1: rose

  • Learn to Ground (make body safe) and be in the Center of Head (quiet place)
  • The Rose Tool (placed at the edge of your aura delineating your space vs. a theater to observe)
  • Breathing with a Consistent, Circular Breath
  • Learn to ‘see’ with Eyes Closed vs. Eyes Open (re-wires the brain, disrupts patterns of ‘go to a memory of’ and ‘go to sleep’)
  • Feel the seven Living Words that create a foundation or platform to enter the higher dimensions
  • Build the Octahedron ~ the containment vessel
  • Build the Column of Light + Infinity Breathing

Weekend 2:

Masculine Structure offers a containment for Feminine Flow

Masculine Structure offers a containment for Feminine Flow

  • Review then expand with…
  • The Feminine Energy Field
  • The Masculine Energy Field
  • Spinning the Octahedron, in Balance, and building up to 90%
  • Return to the Sacred Heart
  • The Pink Diamond
  • Anchoring the Soul into the Heart (Rays of Creation)
  • Introducing and working with your Soul Extensions
  • Reconnecting with the Kingdoms

Optional Class for All Attendees:

  • Creator Gods and the Language of Light
  • more work with The Pink Diamond
  • Changing your DNA, Oxygen Levels and Chakra Systems

                 Does this opportunity to reconstruct Your Personal Power Field resonate with you?

                           Is your heart saying YES I want to play?

                     .             . . Come join me in the Garden where Magic and Miracles await you

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It takes three things to be successful in the course   

Allow Possibility

Allow Possibility

  1. A willingness and ability to experience the tools vs. think and analyze and argue with what is being offered.  You will create new reference points, new habits and a new way of life.

  2. A personal commitment to your self-development and spiritual growth.  Your €œstuff€ will come up to be released.  We call this a ‘growth period’.  You will be reminded, with amusement, that you are simply in a growth period.   Are you brave enough to simply move it out and then move on?  Much awaits the other side of the ‘growth period’.
  3. An ability to laugh and be easy on yourself.  You are releasing who you are not and remembering who you are.  Stick to it and you will like the results.

            wanna know a secret?  shhh…     you simply can not do this work wrong.

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Come experience a 90 min preview of the course

The Essential ENERGY TOOLS 90 min Workshop allows you to  enjoy an experiential TASTE and FEEL of the Tools. The informative, engaging and interactive workshop is offered multiple times each month at the Creating RESULTS Holistic Center.  Participants receive 4 Tools for immediate use!. The Tools are practical and simple.  They can be used daily to quiet the noise and drama and keep you from being affected by irritating people and situations. These essential Tools allow you to create a happier life in balance, ease and well-being.  There is NO CHARGE for the workshop, however some workshops do require a registration ticket.   Dates and Details available here



permissionCourse Schedule

Join Us! Now Accepting Registration for the FALL AND WINTER course offerings with Magnificence Mine in Colorado. I invite you to take a next step and sign upValue, Magic and Miracles Await. ~ Dr Nadine




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Tuition Includes:

  • 21 hours of training
  • MP3s occasionally mailed, to reinforce, anchor and enhance our work together
  • 14 hour, streaming online video course to enhance and review the tools you learned ($175 value-one year access)


you are BIG! you are Significant


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