Cellular FULL MONTY 
a complete cellular restructuring and realignment
of your hormones, glands, and organs

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During our 8 months together, your outcomes to thrive in your own world include:

  •  Ability to gracefully operate under stress
  • Inner contentment and a feeling of safety
  • Weight loss and better weight management
  • Daily – Living in a state of positive expectation
  • Genuine sense of your own power
  • Victory over that nagging self doubt and never being good enough

The Cellular FULL MONTY webinar series is an opportunity to re-create you from the inside out.


  • Class meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from the comfort of your own home.
  • There will be a homework assignment sent to you via email on the 3rd Thursday of each month.
  • Each call will begin promptly at 6:15 pm MOUNTAIN time zone (GMT +0).  We will end the session at 7:15 pm. 
  • Dr Nadine will remain on the line for an additional 30 minutes to address any questions you may have that relate to the material.
  • ALL class sessions will be recorded.  Meditations will be a part of most sessions. A link to the recordings will be sent to each participant.
  • The webinar dial-in information will be sent to you with confirmed Registration.
  • Please check your zone.  Here is a handy time zone converter for your convenience.
  • Midway through your 8-month program, you receive a 30-minute Energetic Check-In with Dr Nadine.
  • At the completion of your 8-month program, you receive a 60-minute HEALING Session (via the phone ) with Dr Nadine.

Payment and Registration.

Cellular FULL MONTY is in the store.  Click here for easy payment access.  Please make sure you have opted-in to the Magnificence Mine Mailing list. Select Cellular FULL MONTY under the classes option so you information is pulled into this class.  You will be sent a confirmation email with more details.


Paid in full by November 30th 

$1097 Committed But Slow use coupon code ISAIDYES graphic buy now
Paid in full by December 22nd

$1200 Retail price
Paid in full by January 11 start of class

3% discount for paying with cash, or check
Creating RESULTS Holistic Center
1901 Winterberry Way, Unit B
Fort Collins, CO 80526

You can always check the schedule with the Big Calendar

Class meets:
January 11 & 25 – Survival, Fear, Depression, Adrenal Glands
    Homework January 18
February 8 & 22Creativity, Sexuality, Sensuality, Sexual Glands and Organs
Homework February 15
March 8 & 22 – Power, Control, Anger, Resentment, Rage, Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen, Kidneys, Pancreas
Homework March 15
April 12 & 26 – Love of SELF, what gets in the way of Loving Self, Heart….
Homework April 19
Eligible to schedule a 30 minute Energy Check-In with Dr Nadine.
May 10 & 24
Homework May 17
June 14 & 28
Homework June 21
July 12 & 26

    Homework July 19
August  9 & 23
    Homework August 16
Eligible to schedule a 6o minute HEALING session with Dr Nadine.

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Success stories

Comments from participants are encouraged on Facebook. Those who agree are also shared in the Validations section on this site. Please send me your success stories to share with others. Bottom line: This class is WORTH DOING!!!

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