This is a wonderful demonstration of the Sacred Geometry that forms with an increase in vibration (using sand).

When physicist Ernst Chladni performed this experiment in the 18th century, he did it with flour instead of sand, and made his metal plate vibrate with a violin bow instead of a tone generator, but the end result is the same: when the plate vibrates at a steady frequency, the particles on its surface arrange into a beautiful pattern.

The particles (sand, in this case) are arranging themselves along what are called “nodal lines” narrow curves of motionless calm that criss-cross the otherwise vibrating surface. As the frequency changes, so does the distribution of these nodal lines, which becomes increasingly intricate at higher frequencies.

During the Create Your Personal Power Field course, YOU will RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.

As you wear the Living Words and/or spin your Octahedron, you use the Law of Attraction to magnetize more of that Vibration To You.  Within your Personal Power Field, You Become… a Sacred Geometry.

Enjoy this clip.  I chose the one that does not damage your ear drums ~N




 The 7 Laws Of Attraction

  1. The Law of Manifestation:  Consciousness is always a choice. It’s the choice to bring your awareness to the present moment, the decision to see and prioritize that which is truly important, that which is genuinely honoring and the value enhancing in your life. Our constant question must be: What am I focusing my consciousness on right now? Then the question that follows is: What might this consciousness be creating for me?
  2. The Law of Magnetism:  We can only attract the same kind of energy that we put out ourselves. The Universe is filled with vibration that scientists call “strings” of energy, it moves within us from and all around us literally all of the time, whether we are aware of it or not. Each of us is a part of a vast exchange and expansion of this force that takes place in the Universe every moment of every day.
  3. The Law of Pure Desire (or Unwavering Desire):  When you’re driven by pure intention, free of fear, doubt and desperation you can be certain of a beneficial outcome. For your wishes to be pure you must genuinely believe that you are worthy of what you want.
  4. The Law of Paradoxical Intent (or Delicate Balance):  Desperation creates the Paradox, in warning that you’ll get a return of your negative energy, if you’re desperate to make things happen. That repulsive vibration will push it away, turning away the very people and situations that might bring your desired outcome. You are bound to push away the very thing that you’re desperate to have. Think about the appreciation that you’ll have at the fruition of your goals and choose to feel the gratitude for what you have in your life right now. You can get what you want by knowing that you don’t need it to be happy.
  5. The Law of Harmony (or Synchronization):  When you consciously choose to create balance and align yourself with the Universe, your intention and energy open the flood gates of Universal abundance, allowing you access to all the insights, power and blessings that the world has to offer. Align your energy with yourself, with others and with the Universal flow.
  6. The Law of Right Action (or Conscientious Action):  Your energy is self-perpetuating in the world. Value, honor, and dignity will increase in your life to the same degree that you promote them in the environment around you. On the other hand if your actions work to tear down the value, honor or dignity of others, then that destruction will return to you according to this principle. There is one core question that you must ask yourself about every choice and that question is: “Is this honoring to myself and others?”
  7. The Law of Expanding Influence (or Universal Influence):  Energy expands in the world and has influence in your personal arena and in the world at large. You can and do have an impact on everything, from the productivity of your company and the harmony of your family, all the way to the peace of the world! The power of your own personal vibration becomes global by virtue of the law. When you choose to live with reverence in your heart and direct it toward those around you, that positive energy spreads to all your circles of influence and eventually your intention for harmony expands in consciousness of every human being. Every thought and every deed plants a new seed in the garden of our destiny.


Being aware of all 7 Laws Of Attraction should help you to relate this principle to your everyday life. When making your choices about how to be, think, speak, or act…always be conscious of these principles and, by Law, what you are attracting back to you.

I discovered this absolutely gorgeous presentation tonight called A Hundred Thousand Angels.  After seeing the visuals and hearing the song, I feel ready to go into sleep space with my Friends.  I have included the lyrics as enjoyed from the original posting.

Published on Nov 5, 2012

Do you hear me calling you,
The voice of a mother
And a father and a child.
Would you recognize the truth,
Do you feel the love that´s falling
From my eyes ?

Take just a minute,
Come and rest you by my side.
Let me tell you your own story,
Let me walk you through your life.
Only a second,
It’s all it takes to realize,
There’s a hundred thousand angels by your side
There’s a hundred thousand angels by your side.

Do you hear me talk to you,
I whisper through doorways
And pathways of your mind.
Clear like the morning dew
And fresh from my journey
Cross an ocean of blue…

Take just a minute,
Come and rest you by my side.
Let me tell you your own story,
Let me walk you through your life,
Only a second it’s all it takes to realize,
There’s a hundred thousand angels by your side
There’s a hundred thousand angels here tonight.

So I was out looking at pics today and landed on this one called Sixth Chakra ~ You Know It.  Of course I had to share it with you.


The Shift – Why It’s Happening. Where It’s Taking Us.

Published on May 19, 2013

With the closing of the 3rd dimensional reality many find themselves in a state of loss and confusion.  For the very sands they long believed their castles were built upon have begun to shift beneath them.

But the closing of the 3rd dimension does not have to be experienced as a loss at all.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  It is a time of celebration as the many limitations that have long held us in bondage are being stripped away only to reveal the true, vast, multi-dimensional nature of who we are.

“The Shift – Why It’s Happening.  Where It’s Taking Us.” uses compelling imagery, words and music to highlight many key components of the shift and to point those feeling stuck in a new direction.

The Shift Ebook is a simple, straightforward, yet in-depth, explanation of what is happening now on the planet, and how to best move within these extraordinary times of change.  The Video and The Shift Ebook are our gifts to you and anyone you feel might benefit from the information provided.  Please take a moment to watch and then click on the green book to the right to download your free copy.

Shared with you by Dr Nadine, A Mastering Alchemy Teacher.

I was turned onto Michael Grab’s work called Gravity Glue on a business trip.You will see a few of his creations on the Creating Your Personal Power Field page of the website.
I really wanted to watch him in action and thought to share this with you…

No matter the circumstances or situation we may each find ourselves in, we CAN find BALANCE, even when the water flows around us, or the seasons change…  Enjoy Micheal’s creativity and Mastery.

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