Wow can you believe that tomorrow is February???  Time sure does fly. 

Here are a few of the events I will be at in Colorado in February.

Private 60 and 90 minute sessions are always available in person or via the phone if you are unable to attend an event (usually 30 min or 45 min sessions at events)


I am really looking forward to SEEING YOU at one of these February Events

Dr Nadine will be at these Holistic Fairs:

I have learned that you can SEE me at Fairs that focus on your Well-Being.  Therefore I will be focusing my efforts in 2017 at Holistic Fairs.  Right now this is what is on deck.  Please do visit my BIG Calendar for updates and addressed to the Events/Schedule. 

Sunday, 22:  Energy HEALING Day ~ Creating RESULTS Holistic Center

Sunday, 29:  For Heaven’s Sake Psychic Fair ~ Westminster

Saturday, 25:  Journey for Conscious Living Fair ~Arvada

Sunday, 26:  Energy HEALING Day ~ Creating RESULTS Holistic Center

Sunday, 12:  Energy HEALING Day ~ Creating RESULTS Holistic Center

Friday, 17:  BMS CELEBRATION Holistic Fair ~ Denver  Booth 128
Saturday, 18:   BMS CELEBRATION Holistic Fair ~ Denver  Booth 128
Sunday, 19:  BMS CELEBRATION Holistic Fair ~ Denver  Booth 128
Saturday, 25:  Spring Holistic Fair ~ Loveland
Sunday, 26:  Spring Holistic Fair ~ Loveland

Sunday, 9Energy HEALING Day ~ Creating RESULTS Holistic Center

Saturday, 22:  Denver Holistic Fair ~ Adams County Fairgrounds
Sunday, 23:  Denver Holistic Fair ~ Adams County Fairgrounds
Saturday, 22:  BMS CELEBRATION Spring Fair ~ Loveland TENTATIVE
Sunday, 23:  BMS CELEBRATION Spring Fair ~ Loveland TENTATIVE

Saturday, 6:  EVOLVE Expo ~ Denver  Booth 105

Sunday, 7:  EVOLVE Expo ~ Denver  Booth 105
Sunday, 28Energy HEALING Day ~ Creating RESULTS Holistic Center

Enjoy this Good Day Meditation by my friend Mary Dravis-Parrish
Mary s the author of Empowered Parents Empowering Kids  and Possibilities in Parenting.
She is excited and enthusiastic to work with people who are ready to have a different possibility and step into living a full life of living and joy.
Click on the link above to read more about Mary

and EnJOY the Meditation.

Thank you to the many who have reached today to find your Balance, Certainty, and Center.   This truly is a grand time to have a body.
Join me TODAY at 3PM Mountain.
We will Anchor IN the LIGHT…
Allowing you to feel safe in your body and stand in Possibility.
Call line is: 1-712-770-4010 USA and Canada
Pass code: 253296#

Sending out a HUGE HELLO to you today.    I was reading a channeled piece from Kryon and thought you would enjoy the following expert.  You can go to the link at the bottom if you would like to read the entire message. 

You don’t know what you don’t know, so don’t make up your mind in advance about any outcomes. You’re from another planet, remember? There’s no emotion, no bias, no politics and nothing to judge. Look at it for what it is.

A big stick has just been inserted into what is normal and it’s going to be turned. As the big stick turns, other things will respond that never would have responded otherwise. I wish to tell you, dear one, old soul, relax with upcoming wild cards. They do what they do on purpose so that you will have a better civilization in the future. Sometimes they show you what won’t work, and sometimes they change paradigms that would have never changed otherwise. But what you have now is a profound wild card. That is the message.

It’s so common for you to respond certain ways when you are invested in the process. The knee-jerk reaction is expected or you wouldn’t be a Human. However, for this lesson, you’re from another planet and you’re looking down and you’re seeing it. Pretend

Can you relax in the face of uncertainty when it’s your own country? Can you relax in the face of not knowing what’s next? When you’re so involved, can you disengage from either side of the fray? That is the test of a Lightworker.

There’s something else coming. Dear ones, this is beautiful. No matter what you think and no matter what your reaction is to this channelling, what is happening is correct for your time and needed for your immediate future. I will speak of this later. The beauty is when you step away and see how grand it is, that Spirit cares enough that it would allow a big stick to occur that would stir your complacency at this time. The real reason? The shift is here.

How do you feel? I want you to relax and smile at what the shift has brought you. For those of you who felt all the “shift talk” was nonsense, this may be your wake-up call. It’s real. Here it comes.

This is the message of the day. I am Kryon, in love with humanity, and for good reason.
And so it is.

Click the link for the full Wild Cards of the Planet message from Kryon.  I hope this allowed your body and Soul to relax and allow for amazing change.


Energy HEALING Day happening this Sunday, January 22nd from 1-4 pm

10-15 min Energy HEALING sessions with Dr Nadine, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and many Beings of LIGHT

HEALINGs are offered between 1 pm – 4 pm
no need to set an appointment. Simply show up. There will be a note on the door of how to enter the Healing Space.

Cost: Sliding Scale ($35-50/per healing)
ALL AGES are welcome to come and receive a HEALING

Crown Chakra ~ Sea Foam Green Energy given through the Crown [This Energy mostly clears Emotions, and is great for allowing you to Receive]
Feet Chakra ~ White Gold Energy given through the Feet [This Energy clears Physical issues]

If needed, Energy will be run both through your feet, then through the crown.

Place: Creating RESULTS Holistic Center
1901 Winterberry Way, Unit B, Fort Collins 80526

Please do write or call with questions before the event happens 970-443-2541
Once I am in HEALING mode I do not go to my phone or email.

and YES I am also doing Distance Healings that day.  Send me a message of what you would like the HEALING to focus on.  If you are asking for a distance healing, you can make payment with the donation button on the Magnificence Mine home page (right side)


Did you get your deck with the Crazy Purple Dayz SALE????
Passing on savings to YOU the user and sharer of SOUL Food Deck One…
The Amazon Fulfillment Center is adding on fees to items stored in their centers. This translates to having to increase prices. I would rather liquidate the decks they have in their facility.
TODAY… SOUL Food decks are selling at $11 per deck when using the Fulfilled by Amazon option with the link below.
Each day, the price goes up $1 so it is to your advantage to grab decks at these silly silly Crazy Purple Dayz prices

This spectacular shot was taken by Eric Fokke on December 31, 2016 @ Lofoten Islands, Norway .  It has always been a dream of mine to see the Aurora in person.    This is taking Energy UP another many levels and is validation of the three new waves of Light .  See more here

2017 is a year of 1… meaning it is all about NEW Beginnings.  How wonderful to have such Beauty grace the rising of a new day, a new year, a new moment.

Blessings, my friends,
and Happy NEW Year

Beautiful Day and Special Holiday Greetings,  from my home to yours.

This morning I recorded a 17 minute LIVE video on the Magnificence Mine FB page featuring Grounding a Room for Yourself, Grounding Your Body and then Setting the Vibration YOU want for your Space.  I also talk about how to teach your animal how to Ground their body.  Each of these tools allow you to feel peaceful and safe in your body and home.  Once you have cleared out the energy that is not yours you can begin the process of choosing the vibrations you want to have around you… like in JOY, HAPPY, Having-ness, Worthy, Deserving, etc..  Easy to do and well worth the few minutes it takes to shift your awareness.

When you scroll down the Facebook feed you will also find Cleaning Your Aura and sending SKY BLUE HELLO to the Body. Watch More     This page offers Meditations and Tools Allow for Shift.

 On Christmas evening, starting at 8 pm Mountain,  I will be doing another LIVE feed where we will simply Sit in LIGHT and Raise Your Vibration.  You are invited to join me.

Thank You for ALL the Wonder and Delight you add to my world.  My heart is filled when I get to look in your eyes and share Love. Sending you a huge parcel of Blessings and Love.  Open your arms and Receive.
From our heart to yours.
~Nadine, Sweekar, Lil Bear and Baby Bella


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