Free Powerful - Interactive Webinar

3 steps to Break Free from Feeling
Not Good Enough!

@ 12 pm PT; 1 pm MTN; 2 pm CT; 3 pm ET



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This webinar is for you if you:

  • feel worthless, insignificant, or someone has made you feel ashamed
  • are exhausted or drained mentally, emotionally, and physically
  • feel unimportant, invalidated, or powerless
  • talk to yourself in a negative manner or are depressed
  • feel like you have lost yourself, don’t belong or fit in
  • are unable to look at yourself in the mirror, even gained weight
  • have lost your voice so don't speak up

About Your Presenter

Dr. Nadine has been helping people and their Animal companions all over the world co-create profound and lasting differences in their lives for over 39 years. She facilitates how to break free from the past, take charge of your Energy, and then Step into Your Power so you are in action, effectively, in those areas of your life that are important to you. Dr. Nadine is available for private Healing opportunities for yourself and your Animal companions.

Master Healer, Naturopath, Medical Intuitive & Communicator for Animals and Humans

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About Your Webinar

In this engaging and interactive webinar, you will learn 3 powerful steps to break out of the gripping ‘energy’ of feeling Not Good Enough. We will explore the messaging around feeling Not Good Enough. Where did that message come from? When did it begin? and How it is affecting your body, self-esteem, relationships, career, and life right now!
We will do a few exercises, and learn and incorporate a few Energy Tools. Things you can implement immediately to create, and experience shift right now, in your day, in your body, and in your life. A recording of the webinar is provided to those who attend.