Hello… I trust this message finds you with a smile on your face.

Tomorrow I am beginning a 30-day GRATITUDE For and With My Body run.  Would you like to join me?  My intention is to be Aware of my Body each day and write down a positive statement about or with my Body.

Would you like to join me?
30 days of Gratitude for the Body.

You can do it on your own… or you can send me an email.  We can keep connected that way.  OR if you have whats app on your phone, let me know and I can join you into a growing list of those wanting to play.

here we go…
30 days of Gratitude for the Body

p.s.  I chose tomorrow Nov 15th as the start date because 1+5 = 6 which is all about Self-Responsibility and Balance

As the weather changes in your area… Take a walk… whether a mental walk or a physical walk.. and enjoy the BEAUTY Mother Nature is providing. 

What do you notice about how she displays her Beauty?

How do the Animals react or respond to her Beauty?

How can you embrace this Beauty for Yourself?…. claim it


you are invited to share a picture of what you discover

Holistic Fair at The RANCH.… This weekend.. Sat & Sun 10 – 5 pm..
Nadine is doing Talking with Animals Saturday at 11 am in Room 2 (yes it is advertised as something different)
also: SOUL Food cards, HOME AGAIN cd, HEALING sessions, and gift certificates.       SF_NorthernLights3BumperSticker_8x3HomeAgain_CD_front_font   SoulFood_Banner_proof

Do you have Horses???
Join me Saturday Sept 24th for Horse Awareness Day
Spirit Dancer Ranch
We will be discussing your Horses CALM color their TRUST color, the color they need right in the moment. How your owning energies like CAPABLE, CERTAIN and COMMAND affect your Horse.
We will have loads of Fun… My talk is at 11:30 amhorse-awareness-day

Hello Everyone… This is the weekend… come visit booth #125 at the BMS CELEBRATION Fair in Denver. What you will find is SOUL Food ~ inspiration for the Soul; HOME AGAIN ~ meditations for the Heart; and Reading/Healing sessions at fair rates $1/min

and lots of smiles and Hugs

rsz_soulfood_box_lid_web  SF_deck_worthy  magmine_banner_v4HomeAgain_CD_front_fontnadine_book_sm

HomeAgain_CD_front_fontHOME AGAIN features 3 tracks that allow you to find your Center, and come Home to that place within your Heart.

Breathing Love (09:17) ~ Centering with your Breath. Breathing in Love and Light.
Angel Blue (26:40) ~ Clearing Chakras with the Blue Ray and Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
A Walk by a Stream (22:30) ~ Release anxiety, lack, doubt and overwhelm. Absorb Validation, Calm and Freedom.
bonus: Setting the Energy for the Day (11:12) ~ Put Attention on Intention with 3-word platform.

Please listen from the tools, skills and abilities YOU are Mastering. Many of you are my students, so have a toolbox to choose from. Each meditation has been created so ALL may participate and find value. There is no wrong way to participate.





I am honored if you let others know about my Meditations, however I do ask that you allow each person to


make their own choice. Thus allowing them to purchase HOME AGAIN for themselves, This anchors in the Energy of Value, T


rust and Flow…


You can purchase HOME AGAIN  for $12  by contacting me at drNadine111@gmail.com or visiting the Store
Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive a link to all the files.  I also have these tracks in WAV or AIFF formats if they are needed


Good Morning…..  I received this piece from Archangel Michael and Celia Fenn a few days ago and have read it multiple times.  It is so beautiful I wanted to share with you.  Feel free to sign up for these pieces of work directly from Celia’s website.    Here is a link to the message about The Lion’s Gate 2016 and teh “Master” Cycle that commences the Opening of the Seventh Dimension on Earth



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Give the Command to the Rose to collect up the Thought or Emotion you want to release

Yes.. you can shift this fast

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