Beautiful Day and Special Holiday Greetings,  from my home to yours.

This morning I recorded a 17 minute LIVE video on the Magnificence Mine FB page featuring Grounding a Room for Yourself, Grounding Your Body and then Setting the Vibration YOU want for your Space.  I also talk about how to teach your animal how to Ground their body.  Each of these tools allow you to feel peaceful and safe in your body and home.  Once you have cleared out the energy that is not yours you can begin the process of choosing the vibrations you want to have around you… like in JOY, HAPPY, Having-ness, Worthy, Deserving, etc..  Easy to do and well worth the few minutes it takes to shift your awareness.

When you scroll down the Facebook feed you will also find Cleaning Your Aura and sending SKY BLUE HELLO to the Body. Watch More     This page offers Meditations and Tools Allow for Shift.

 On Christmas evening, starting at 8 pm Mountain,  I will be doing another LIVE feed where we will simply Sit in LIGHT and Raise Your Vibration.  You are invited to join me.

Thank You for ALL the Wonder and Delight you add to my world.  My heart is filled when I get to look in your eyes and share Love. Sending you a huge parcel of Blessings and Love.  Open your arms and Receive.
From our heart to yours.
~Nadine, Sweekar, Lil Bear and Baby Bella




What’s Going ON?

and how it is affecting you

Hello Hello Hello

Have you noticed changes happening within and around you?  Things like time speeding up?  Stuff or issues you thought you had dealt with are suddenly resurfacing, wanting your attention?  Your memories are not as reliable as they used to be and it is more difficult to discern choices that are best for you?  OR have you noticed a bit more drama, emotion and noise around you or within you?  This drama, and noise can be within relationships, weather patterns, institutions, and the environment?

Have you noticed???  You are not alone!

This issue explores What’s Happening to Every Living thing on our planet introduces you to the Magnificence Mine website, and features courses and workshops designed to assist you with the shifts happening on our planet and in our daily lives.


This is a time of tremendous change
The world around you has become more
intense, chaotic and uncertain


We’ve been hearing about ‘the Shift’  for so long, it is astonishing to believe that it is finally here!  You might be asking what precisely is shifting?  What have we shifted from?  What have we, as a planet, as all of humanity, shifted towards?  On a more personal note, you might be asking what difference is it going to make in my life, my family, my world?

WE, as a collective, that means YOU and ME and ALL living things, including Mother Earth, made a decision to shift from a 3D, Third Dimension (rigid, inflexible, no freedom, right/wrong, good/bad, etc), level of consciousness; into an opportunity to reside in a 4D (present moment with choice) and 5D (simultaneous time, choice including balance, flexibility, permission, harmony, etc.) level of consciousness.

WOW!!  THAT IS HUGE!   A shift from invalidation to Harmony!  And WE chose to do this.  We chose to say, I deserve more in my life.  I desire to live a happier life of CHOICE that allows me to:

  • Grow beyond my perceived limitations
  • Experience and LIVE the life I have always dreamed about
  • BE healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Enjoy freedom of movement in my body and feel safe in my own skin
  • Build lasting relationships that validate, uplift and support me
  • Live my life in Happiness and with JOY

Take a Breath!  Allow all that to sink in.  Your Breath brings you into the Present Moment.  Your Breath Allows you to integrate your new found knowledge and understanding.  Take 3 nice circular breaths… that flow… where the exhale flows into the inhale… flows into the next exhale, etc.

Continue breathing in a circular manner as we discuss the two massive and new Waves of Light and Energy moving through the Universe, through the Earth, and through each of Us.  These Waves of change are working together in perfect synchronization, evolving everything to a higher level of consciousnesses.

One Wave is expanding outward, like an ever-widening ripple on a pond, spreading greater Light, knowledge and wisdom, opening ever-expanding gateways to higher consciousness and evolution.  As this first Wave accelerates it is fascinating to observe how it is powerfully and positively affecting us.  This Wave is providing us with choices and presenting us with possibilities that have not been available to us before.  This Wave is also making it possible for the second Wave to unlock all that has been keeping us stuck in the third-dimension.

The second Wave operates very differently than the first. Its function is to create harmony.  However, in order to achieve harmony, everything that is not of the Light, everything that does not exist in well-being and balance, is being destabilized, dissolved and cleared away.  Simply, everything that is not aligned in our lives is being loosened and released.  These transformative Waves are allowing all of us to re-wire, re-connect, re-align and remember who we are.  As Mother Earth loosens and releases, it might look like a huge fire, a tornado,  or a tsunami.  She is in transition as well.  She is releasing everything that does not exist in Well-Being and Balance.


You are Significant!


It is time to let go of all you are not.  It is time to Remember your Beauty, Remember your Worth, Remember your Elegance, Remember your Magnificence.  You have a purpose, it is time to accomplish what you set out to do.  Take a Breath, allowing the integration of this knowledge, and embracing possibility .  Allow yourself to be Here Now, in THIS moment.

I would like to introduce you to Magnificence Mine, the website dedicated to all who are asking and allowing.  Specific Workshops and Courses have been developed and designed to Validate and Inspire you along your path of growth and Freedom.  Much is offered LIVE to those living in Colorado. Much is offered tele-style to those in other areas.


The World is at your finger tips

Where would you like to begin?


Join Us for an evening of change with the Essential ENERGY TOOLS 90 min Workshop.  Participants receive 4 practical and simple Tools for immediate use!.  These essential Tools can be used daily to quiet the noise and drama, and allow you to create a happier life of Choice in balance, ease and well-being.

Change your LIFE with the Create Your Personal Power Field Course, taught LIVE in COLORADO for the first time since 2009.  Once reconstructed and activated (very easy to do), this Personal Power Field gives you the ability to stabilize your mental and emotional experiences while expanding your clarity, focus and awareness.  You have the ability to create the new wiring system required to recognize and integrate the new possibilities.  Simply you begin to:

  • Release who you are not and remember who you are
  • Become masterful of your life vs. being dragged around by it
  • Observe the world around you without being drawn into the drama and noise

NOW Accepting Registration for courses taught LIVE in COLORADO

More awaits you at Magnificence Mine, please check us out.  The Magnificence Blog is loaded with delightful insights, inspirations, videos and more.  Magnificence Mine has it’s own mailing list for those who would like to keep appraised of Magnificence Happenings.

Thank you for reading this entire Nuggets. Share this with a friend.  Now that you have a better understanding of WHAT’S GOING ON and how it is affecting you,  Enjoy The Shift in…

Ease + BALANCE + Well-Being

The Shift – Why It’s Happening. Where It’s Taking Us.

Published on May 19, 2013

With the closing of the 3rd dimensional reality many find themselves in a state of loss and confusion.  For the very sands they long believed their castles were built upon have begun to shift beneath them.

But the closing of the 3rd dimension does not have to be experienced as a loss at all.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  It is a time of celebration as the many limitations that have long held us in bondage are being stripped away only to reveal the true, vast, multi-dimensional nature of who we are.

“The Shift – Why It’s Happening.  Where It’s Taking Us.” uses compelling imagery, words and music to highlight many key components of the shift and to point those feeling stuck in a new direction.

The Shift Ebook is a simple, straightforward, yet in-depth, explanation of what is happening now on the planet, and how to best move within these extraordinary times of change.  The Video and The Shift Ebook are our gifts to you and anyone you feel might benefit from the information provided.  Please take a moment to watch and then click on the green book to the right to download your free copy.

Shared with you by Dr Nadine, A Mastering Alchemy Teacher.

Many of you share my love for music and rejoice when I/we get to experience Angels…   This guys has an AMAZING vocal range.  He blows my mind.  I invite you to close your eyes and simply EXPERIENCE this gift…  This track has 2 songs….  What a gift to humanity

Enjoy Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan!


Good Morning everyone.  You all know I LOVE music…  This young lady has an Amazing voice… she truly packs a punch.  Enjoy this.  Her name is Angelina Jordan.   And then below, I share a short video of Day 8 of the 45DayChallenge I am doing with IloveKickboxking…  Yeah… progress happening…   Send me your Red Glove Suggestions.


Hello Everyone.  I know it has been a while since I sent out a blog message.  No excuses!  I just got away from writing.  Above you will see the card from the SOUL Food deck I pulled this morning.  WOW… it is SO on target.  Over the past few years, I stepped away from my bodybuilding lifestyle and the weight crept on.  I am not going to beat myself up.  However I am going to take full responsibility for what I have created.  Now is the time for a new shift.
If you have been following my threads on Facebook you know that I  joined I Love Kickboxing in March. This has been a huge shift for me. I am enjoying what I am doing and very excited about the workouts.  Starting Sept 11, ILKB is having a 45 day challenge. I have already completed the pre-entry, and plan to Enter this challenge fully on September 11.  The overall winner receives $20k.  I want to be this winner.  I plan to use the $$ towards a newer car.  I am wondering if any of  YOU want to follow along, maybe do your own challenge for 45 days.
If you want to join me on your own 45 day challenge, please send me an email to drNadine111 at gmail dot com. You can focus on ANYTHING you want to be accountable for… during the 45 days. Our official start date will be September 11.
I will be doing some video’s 1-2 times a week and posting them to the Facebook MagnificenceMine page.  If there is enough interest, we can have a weekly support call.  I know that I have huge goals that I want to accomplish during this 45 day time frame.
So far I have:
* cleaned my pantry of all non-program foods
* ensured my fridge only has clean, healthy foods
* cooked up a bunch of chicken
* Blocked off the 45 days on my calendar. While I know the ILKB challenge ends for me on Oct 25, I will keep my program going through the end of October.
* partially outlined my exercise regime
I would LOVE to have you play along with me at any level you desire. For me it is time to reclaim my healthy physique.  Let me know your goals too.

HUGE  HUGE  HUGE Thank You to YOU…

For your Voice.  For your Vote. 
  As you heard, SOUL Food has been nominated for the Inspirational Product of the Year.
Voting completed on May 28th for the 2017 COVR Awards.  The Public vote counts 40% with the Judges vote making up the final 60%,

The WINNER will be announced on June 10th. 

I will keep you posted.

Thanks for sharing in all the JOY, ENTHUSIASM, and EXCITEMENT
~Dr Nadine

Hello to my Blog followers..  Did you hear????   SOUL Food has been nominated for the Coalition for Visionary Resources – COVR Award in the Inspirational Products category.  How this works is there is a panel of judges that comprise 60% of the score.  Public vote (your vote) comprises 40% of the total score.  Voting from both groups happens May 22 – May 28. The winners will be announced June 10. 
I am asking for your help in spreading the word.  Allow your voice and vote to count.
* select the Inspirational Products category
* click on the VOTE button under the SOUL Food box.
then SHARE this with others.
Thank you for sharing in the JOY.
Thank you for sharing with the world the Inspiration found within SOUL Food.. Nourishment for the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Every now and then a song comes around that just MOVES ME….  I wanted to share..  Allow yourself to Absorb the Healing in these words and vibrations…

Good Morning,
I was out for a walk this morning, communing with Mother Nature and the Elementals.  Spring is so BEAUTIFUL.  Have you noticed that, how fresh and new things feel on a beautiful spring morning?  I know we all have those moments or days that feel a bit more sluggish or challenging.  Most often, when we feel that way, we have Energy in our field that does not belong to us or is no longer in present time.

Our First Chakra (root) holds the energetics of survival, fear, fight or flight.  This Chakra is also tied into our Adrenal Glands – the stress hormone.  Raphael’s Shift was created to allow each of us to let go of any/all energy stuck in that First Chakra that simply does not belong to us. During this 17:33 meditation you will –  Release energy of survival, being powerless, helpless, and hopeless.  After clearing out all that sticky, pasty energy, we make a major shift and reset the Chakra to Anchor in Balance, Stability and Ease with Archangel Raphael.   Click here to listen to a 3 minute Sample of Raphael’s Shift.

Additional Note:  Raphael’s Shift is part of the PERMISSION Meditation Album.  As a treat for you, I invited Gregory Temmer to play the Glass Armonica on most of the tracks. Gregory and I have collaborated on many live events where I discovered that the vibrations held in the higher notes and octaves in the crystals of the Glass Armonica penetrate on a very deep and cellular level. The Archangels and Ascended Masters enter your Presence and assist in the Energetic shifts. While listening, much is happening within the physical body at a cellular level. The mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are also being nurtured as they absorb the healing vibrations.   You may purchase PERMISSION  via this link

Enjoy PERMISSION… because that is exactly what it allows you… PERMISSION
~ dr Nadine

What a wonderful day it is today.  If you are on the Magnificence Mine Mailing List you already know I just released two new Meditations by Dr Nadine albums called Tranquility and PERMISSION.  I just figured out how to give you a few samples.  When you click on each image below, it will take you to a 2-4 min SAMPLE of the track.  On HOME AGAIN we are featuring Walk by Stream; in PERMISSION we feature I Am Worthy; and in Tranquility we feature Colored Body

PERMISSION features the Glass Armonica.  It has been my experience that the vibrations from these crystal bowls penetrate the cells and HEAL at a very deep level.  Enjoy these Samples.

Please use code 17Med3Nad5 to receive a $5 discount when you purchase all three albums. They are available in the Magnificence Mine Store.  These are provided to you in MP3 format for Easy download to your computer and EASY upload to each of your listening devices.

Hello on this beautiful March day.
Just a quick note to let you all know that Fruition Studio’s is putting on the finishing touches and mixing down PERMISSION ~ Meditations by Dr Nadine.

PERMISSION is an amazing body of work with 5 tracks that shift the Energy in Chakras 1, 2 and 3 then RESET the Energetics to a new foundation or platform to live your life from.    Here is a peek at the cover. 

Note:  these are MP3 files for Easy Download.  Once you purchase the CD, you will receive a link to the files.  Download them to your computer.  Upload them to any/all devices you choose to listen from.













AND…. The Archangels and Ascended Masters requested I do another CD.. It will be called Tranquility.  We will be recording Tranquility on March 4th.

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